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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Not So Lost Anymore

Warning - this blog talks about the Season Finale of Lost. If you haven't had a chance to see it yet, you can watch the whole episode free until June 30, 2006 at this Link. They also offer episodes from Alias and Desperate Housewives.

I didn't write the article but thought it was a great summary for the Season Finale of Lost (just click on that link). The Writers of Lost gave us lots of information and answered a few questions and left us with so many unanswered questions! Like...

1. What will Michael do when and if he gets rescued.
2. What about Hurley will he make it back to "us" (not "them" as in the "others)
3. How long will Sayid, Sun and Jin wait on the boat?
4. Where is Eko? (beating the crap out of Locke maybe?)
5. Does John Locke fell like crap or what? (cause Eko got a hold of him?)
6. Did Desmond survive under the hatch?
7. What will the others do with Jack, Sawyer and Freckles, I mean Kate.
8. Did that major magnetic surge bring down another airplane? Hmmmm?

I think the writers of Lost are brilliant. So many avenues to go with all the store lines. Oh! and I love how they connect everyone together... like Desmond's boat was Libby's deceased husbands? Crazy! Who could of thought that up?

What questions do you have about Lost? Let me know!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

...And They Lived Happily Ever After!

I can't believe it has been 5 years since Alias started?! I remember we gave my sis a surprise Alias birthday party and we put Erin's face in place of Sydney's, and then I took it to Albertson's and had them print it off on that edible paper stuff, and then I put it on her birthday cake, Yeah, that was sooo cool!


I was pleased with the Series Finale of Alias... how couldn't I be? That's it, it's over, Good Bye Syd! I'll truly miss ya!

If you want to write and talk about the last ever Alias, here are a few moments to spark your memory:

Marshall - wasn't that cool that we finally got to see him with his wife and that they look like they love each other and that she really saved the day? Wait! Did Carrie say that she use to be CIA? I started getting lost at that point. 4 kids? Whoa! Marshall, you animal!

Tom - poor Tommy. I thought they might try a spin-off with he and Rachel, but knew it would never work, so I'm glad they just killed him off. He really did love his deceased wife and didn't have anything to live for. I don't think it would have worked out with Rachel. She deserves someone with less baggage.

Irina - Ciao! Evil One (I didn't like how they had her facing up when she landed, but I guess we had to be haunted with those horribly-evil-Rimbaldi-lovin'-eyes!

Jack - I cried when Sydney was saying good bye to her Dad, it was so tender. I think Sydney knew she would never see her father again. I really thought Jack would pull through... and he did!

Sloane - Ciao! Eviler One! Oh! Hello Again! I knew as soon as he fell in that Rimbaldi liquid, he would dead from a few gun shot wounds. That was a WAY TOO EASY way for sinister Sloane to die! It was perfect that he will spend a lovely little eternity entombed alive under that boulder (I couldn't have thought of a more perfect way to take Sloane out!...that is why I am NOT a writer!) I loved that Jack was the one that caused Sloane to spend his immortal life stuck underground forever with no one to hurt or talk to, not even the spirit of Nadia! In case you missed it. Jack was shot several times, severely bleeding, sent Sydney to stop her mother, Irina. Syd has a tearful good bye and is off. Jack somehow hauls his bleeding body down to the tomb where Sloane is, holds up a crap-load of explosives and blows himself & Sloane up, but Sloane is immortal now thanks to that Rimbaldi guy, so Jack is blown to smithereens and Sloane will live FOREVER...haa haaa haaaa ha ha!(evil laugh)

Syd & Vaughn - wouldn't they have genius off spring? Weren't they just so cute with their 2 little kids, Isabelle and their newest arrival Jack! So sweet!

I guess they kind of left it open to see if Sydney and Vaughn would jump back in the game. Why would Dixon think they would even consider coming back after... what?... 6 years and 2 kids to risk their lives doing something they hate. They seem to be out of the loop and in a safe place now... who's left alive to kill them? hee hee I think Sloane and his evil minnons took care of everyone including Prophet 5. I don't think they would go back, unless they come up with some Arch-Nemesis that we never met...they're all dead, Oh! that's right! NO ONE is ever REALLY dead! Haahaahahahhahh...another evil laugh!

I really liked the ending and how they summed all the living characters up. Marshal-happy father of 4 (is he still CIA?) Dixon-was that Director at Langley? Rachel-still working for CIA.

Here's my sweet sigh Good Bye Alias! I'll miss you! *SIGH* Aaaahhhh!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Oh! Then it will be summer!

This time of year is always a little depressing and exciting at the same time for me! We are quickly nearing the end of a lot of things. Just two nights ago, I was freezing cold and said to John, "For Heaven's Sake it is MAY and I'm freezing cold! When is it going to get warmer? Spring is almost gone (it feels like in one day for me!) It was over 80 degrees today! What will I do when it is 100 degrees? Oh! Then it will be summer! All my shows are ending...Season and Series Finales. What will we all do when there is nothing to watch on TV? Oh! Then it will be summer! What will we all do with our kids to entertain them 24/7 without school? Oh! Then it will be summer! The exciting part is summer IS coming and I won't be tied to my TV and WILL spend lots of time with the boys and outside! I'm going to try and not get "into" very many of the shows for the summer line up!

I still have one more week of finales and ONLY 2 more episodes until the Series Finale of Alias. How they are going to wrap that ALL up? Who knows! Erin and I were talking that maybe they are going to start a spin off with the new guy...I don't remember his name, he works with Syd, his wife was killed? They just started his "story", why give us that kind of information? Do we care? Is it going to link back up to Sydney's life? Could he actually carry a spin off? Naw! I don't think so.

Does anyone else watch Ghost Whisperer? Oooooh! That has been my favorite cliff hanger of a finale so far this season! I didn't realize Andrea was the one that died until the very end! That one REALLY got me! I cried and cried, the tears wouldn't stop! I wonder if Melinda is going to help her cross over, or if she will keep her around next season? I can't imagine the show without Aisha Tyler! They are only 3 main characters... Melinda, her husband, and Melinda's C0-Owner for the Antique Shop, Andrea!... well, and all the dead spirits! Check out the website for Ghost Whisperer... it is pretty cool and a little freaky!

Beginning with Sunday, I also watch Desperate Housewives, Medium, Boston Legal, The Amazing Race, Lost, Alias, Survivor, CSI:Las Vegas Unit, and Without A Trace. I wish had another VCR to set for The Office and Earl, but I've already got it set for my Thursday, CBS line up! Could I seriously completely add 2 more shows...NO! Those are hilarious shows, though... I'd also like to wach the New Adventures of old Christine.

Desperate Housewives - I've always loved the show and HATE Bree's son. Things are getting a little out of hand and hard to handle... can I take much more of this? Will Edie not be convicted of burning down Susan's house?

Medium - I love my Allison and her witty husband Joe... their kids crack me up!

Boston Legal - "Denny Crane" the name gets me just as excited as it does for William Shatner, and I love my Alan Shore!

The Race - Who will win? Who will win? What's wrong with hippies? Nothing! They have been great, I mean AMAZING!

Lost - Oh my! How will this season end! I thought the episode last week was a cliff hanger! Season 2 started rather slow and bored me to almost quit the show, but I'm back in it!

Alias - Alas, goodbye Sydney!...and Nadia... could you believe Sloane killed her?

Survivor - Go Terry Go!

CSI - I certainly hope Brass makes it next season! What a guy!

Without a Trace - quite a great episode this week! A white girl and african/american boy are missing, both teenagers. The "white" girl gets all the press and media and nothing it seems is being done for the "black" boy. They showed a little bit of the background of how each went missing. Then each side brought a suspect in. At the very end, Blondie comes into Jack's office and says, "One Dead, One Alive" They ended the show with another agent looking in the trunk of the car and saying they had a positive ID for the body... they never showed who was in the trunk, leaving the viewers not knowing who lived or died... black or white... it was good!

I use to be a strictly NBC girl and watched mostly comedies, but now the only NBC show is Medium, I realized, and my life is filled with drama and reality! I've never gotten into the Law & Order type shows...it's probably a VERY good thing. My VCR only has 7 slots for pre-recorded shows... I don't have TiVo...pity me!

So by the end of next week, for me... Oh! then it will be summer!

What do you watch? What show(s) are you going to miss this summer?

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