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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

10 Years Younger?

Who knew that actually having hair could make me look so young? People just can't figure out why I look so different? Did you get your hair colored? Extensions? Are you having an affair? You are getting so thin! Are you still losing weight? I love just nodding yes! hee hee!
Well here I am with my new hair! I've always wanted more but didn't think I'd ever do it or be able to afford it. I tried Rogaine and joined the Hair Paulus Group, both losing hair again, after I stop using the product and it was expensive! The Bosley Company mainly does hair transplants. I had a consultation, and was quite impressed with how nice they were, but was told that I basically don't have a enough hair for a transplant. If they did one they would only be able to do a patch across the front where my bang are... I'd still be mainly bald everywhere else.

Waldean & Elaine approached me a couple of months ago and mentioned that they would like to help me out in my lack of hair situation.

I so appreciate them for bringing up the subject! I'm falling in love with my new hair! It's weird to be able to put on my make up again and throw on my hair and run out the door. It has been something to get use to but everyone I talk to says it looks so natural. I've gotten tons of comments... all good. Now I need to get use to just saying thank you and not feeling like I have to tell them it's a wig!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Me & My Babies

Is this THE SWEETEST picture EVER of Dexter and I...on Mother's Day, or what? I love this picture!
Here's one with both my boys, Parker couldn't wait to change out of his monkey clothes and into some comfy slick shorts!

The Goods of Summer

Some pretty flowers from our front yard this summer!
I figure if my front yard looks pretty, no one will need to come in and see how messy the inside is...Let's just enjoy the nature and beauty from outside!

Cure For The Bad Mood Blues

Husband: Wait a minute. There were five chocolate bars in the pantry yesterday. Why is there only one today?
Wife: I must not have seen that one. (Check out the shadow on that Pouty Lip!)

John's Boss told us about a cure for bad moods... take a picture! So whenever Parker or Dexter start to act onery and cranky we pull out the camera and say cheese. Parker usually runs off laughing = CURED! But Dexter tries to hold out a little longer and then eventually his frown turns into a grin, just in time for the flash!

Race For The Cure

Parker and Tasha ran the 5K in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

On May 13, 2006 Parker and I ran the 5K. Erin, Annika, Thomas, Ella and Grandma Worthington walked the Mile Fun Run. This was our 2nd year participating. It gets very emotional for me when I run under the pink balloon arch and the music is blaring and there are thousands and thousands of people! It is sad and hard to believe that this many people have been touched by cancer in their lives. My Grandmother Opal Worthington and Grandmother Ginette Martino both lost their battle with breast cancer. My Aunt Kathy Wilson is currently battling the demon and coming out with flying colors! Her last CT Scan said NO lesions! This is truly a miracle!

I ran and walked and jogged, Parker ran most of the way! I didn't see him for over half the race and started to get worried about him. There are so many people I thought I would never find him again! Luckily, towards the end of the race he slowed down and was looking for me and we found each other. We also caught up with Erin and her kids.

Dex and John came down to support Parker and I and walked with us to the finish line.

This was really fun and is sure to be an annual event for us!

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