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Monday, August 24, 2009

My! How they've GROWN!

Sitting here in front of the computer...all is quiet. Knowing they aren't downstairs still asleep makes me a little sad. My babies are growing up and school has started again. Besides the fact that my boys are so stinkin' cute when I see their new shoes in the first picture, I remember getting a new pair of tennis shoes (I never played tennis, why'd we call 'em that?) for school and wearing them when they were all stiff and clean and you wanted to wear your most favorite new outfit (boys don't wear "outfits" as John always tells me) for the first day of school.

First Day of School - August 23, 2004
5 Years Ago
Parker 4th Grade
Dexter 1st Grade
Yellowstone T-shirts from our summer trip

Back to schoool - August 24, 2009
Parker 9th Grade
New shirts from Dad's trip to South Carolina

Back to schoool - August 24, 2009
Dexter 6th Grade

Dex loves his new "back pack". He said this one makes him feel so grown up. When I hugged/kissed him goodnight, last night, he stopped and just looked at me. I asked him, "Can you believe you are in the 6th grade? Do you feel like you are growing up too fast?" and He said, "Yes! I don't want to get old."

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