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Friday, September 05, 2008

W I L L I E S ! I've got the Willies!

Willies, Heebie Jeebies, Shivers, Goose Bumps...etc. As I'm preparing this post, I have labored breathing and can't put my feet under the desk where I'm typing. The pictures are putting me over the edge.

My friend just called needing some help. They got new carpet a few days ago so the heat vent covers were off around the house. Her son, has a python snake...can you see where this is going? Well, the son left the snake aquarium cover off and now the snake is missing! It's in the heating ducts!!! They have constructed a wire and mirror system to find the snake in the vent but can't reach it. Have any suggestions?

I don't like snakes. I'm freaking out! I would have had to stay at a hotel last night, oh WAIT! No, I wouldn't....I WOULD NEVER HAVE LET A SNAKE IN MY HOUSE IN THE FIRST PLACE! I hate snakes, always have!

What's more disturbing is that my friend was trying to calm ME down..."It's a nice snake, it's not poisonous."

I say...who the HELL cares? It's a snake. A snake is a snake, poisonous or not.

In high school, my friend, Rina, would chase me around her house with their black snake. I would cry, seriously, real tears and run outside and she would still chase me...yes...I call her my friend???? Well, years later they told me the cat FINALLY got the snake and killed it... uhhh...too bad? I'm all torn up about that...NOT! (Still love you Rina!)

What's at the top of your list of fears? Me, in case you can't tell? SNAKES!!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

What's the Deal with the Wig?

Many people have asked lately...What's the deal with the wig?
It's purely vanity...and heredity...well, the thin hair part anyway. This is Christmas Day 2005, outside my Mom's home. We really let the kids go nuts with their hair. Parker's is permed...YUCK! and long! Dexter has always wanted dark hair...so I let Erin have at 'em. Dex loved it...YUCK! I love my baby with blonde hair! And I love my Big Baby with no hair at all! But as for me, I don't need so much forehead!

I have complete strangers ask/tell me..."Did you know you've got really thin hair?" DUH! or "Wow! Your hair is thin!" NO! REALLY? THAT MUST HAVE JUST HAPPENED! (Well, it did after I got pregnant. It all started falling out and never came back.)

So that's why I wear a wig. Which do you prefer? Long or short?

This was my first ever wig...it is human hair so Erin colors it whatever color I want! The guy who sold it to me hacked it up and Erin has done her best to fix it. The bangs are really still heavy and we've thinned the crap out of them. Alot of it was me, getting use to THICK hair!

This was my 2nd Wig...also human hair (that really grosses my BIL out!) We are staying with a brown color...but I REALLY want red. I'm gonna have to talk to Erin about that!
Best Wig Outlet

And this is what I wear now. I love the short and the color. It is synthetic hair, not human. So it burns up easily...really, I'm serious. I have singed a couple from opening a hot oven and using the BBQ before. You should see me now...it's quite a site! I'll lean over to open the oven and remember my wig and rip it off and throw it across the kitchen as far away from the 350 degree air that is gushing out of the oven straight for my hair that was shipped to me in a box!
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