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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More Anniversary Pics

Since the blog won't put these 2 pictures in with my 14th Anniversary post, I'm inserting them here: The great marble bathroom with Steam Bath/Shower, which was just to the left as you entered and the potty was at the end to the left. There was a makeup/vanity mirror with a light (you can see it on the counter) It made me laugh because it had 4 different light settings (home, day, night & office... like I'm going to lug that thing around to do my makeup)

Maybe the post can only be a certain length...oh, well, it's working now.

And here is the cowboy, many of you may remember, that use to be between the Stateline and Silversmith Casinos...he apparently has a name "Wendover Will" and he's way out at the west end, inviting you to West Wendover!

Monday, March 27, 2006


The Beach's all had dinner together on Sunday at Mike & Kristen's lovely new home and I had to post some pictures of my Lil' Miss Ashley in her Mardi Gras beads! Someone said, "Oh, she's such a girl!" Which I said is funny, cause she IS a girl, but all those necklaces are Keegan's! When Ashley was done, she couldn't get them off and was getting a little tangled!

Wow! Time Really Flies When...

...I'm on Ambien and get some sleep. This blog started when I was an insomniac and would stay up all night blogging and adding pictures. So I've been sleeping lately, instead of bloggin!

On March 24, John and I celebrated our 14th Wedding Anniversary. We went to Wendover on the 23rd and stayed overnight at the Montego Bay Casino. Now we haven't been to Wendover since, well I think, we had kids... maybe 8-10 years! John booked us at the Montego Bay because it had better reviews online and we weren't expecting much to begin with. We were both pleasantly surprised!

The room was great! Brand-new wing of the hotel, SMOKE-FREE (huge selling point for me!)

Kingsize Bed...
the room was decorated with black & purple

Big Black Jetted Tub with a cool wide faucet...

Huge Flat-Screen TV... with John there, you know the Simpson's had to be on, at least once! (I thought it comical that Homer & Marge were in bed for this picture! (wink, wink!)

Luxurious Marble Bathroom with a shower/Steam Bath! John loved the steam bath. I couldn't breath, was coughing/choking and couldn't stand the heat, so I didn't last long in there!

I didn't want to go home and we didn't want to leave the room and didn't!... except to eat dinner at the Oceano Buffet. The food was your average run-of-the-mill Casino Buffet but I didn't care because we had a wonderful room... and wonderful company of course!

Since we drove straight to the casino, we thought we better see what other things have changed in Wendover... okay, not much, but they were building a theater/art/cultural center? That seems a little weird for Wendover. We did find out old cowboy friend. The last time we were in town he stood between the Stateline and Silversmith casinos. Now he stands out as far west as you care to go in Wendover. We saw him and then turned around and drove home. It was nice to have a quick little get-away. Waldean watched the boys for us overnight and we really appreciated that!
The computer is "acting up" and not uploading my pics, so I'll add them later. I have a pic of the bathroom and the cowboy.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Woo Hoo! My Girl's Coming Back!

Welllll, although the ABC.com website says they don't have episodes scheduled yet for Alias, someone else has some inside information. Apparently Alias IS returning to ABC for new episodes in April. I had resigned myself to believe there would be no more Sydney, Jack, Marshall, Dixon, Sloane and Vaugh (I still don't think he's dead... there was no body, and Hey! this is Alias, but that's a whole other story) ... So I'm over-joyed!

I found an Alias blog!! The lady talks allll about Alias and even has a few different writers! There are lots of pictures too. They also have a count down for the return of Alias...40 Days and counting!!! I'm pretty excited, not that I have limited my TV time. What are some of your other favorite TV shows?

Check out the Alias Blog!... But first tell me your opinions of Alias and what you have been watching since Alias has been absent from our lives! ;<---that is a tear, sniff, sniff! I really missed it!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


For the 3 or 4 people that actually come to my blog, read it and comment:

I'm scheduling a Scrapbookin' Get-Together at my house on Thursday, April 13. My friend Angie Campbell, a Creative Memories Consultant, is coming to my house to show us what is available through Creative Memories. Please bring 2-3 pictures of one person, or from one event. We will be putting together something you can put in your scrapbook. It will be lots of fun and I'd love for you to come. I will be sending out E-vites and a few snail-mail invitations so watch for yours in the mail next week. If you would like to be invited, please leave a comment. For those 3 regular readers I have, I've already got you on my list!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Do you know yours?

Do you know the #1 Song on the day you were born? Mine was "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) by the Temptations. I love that song! What was the #1 Song the day you were born... do you know the song? Do you like it?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Know Where I Want To Go to College?

After Dexter's Friday night basketball game last week we went out to eat at Robintino's. While waiting for our meal, Parker said, "I bet you can guess where I want to go to college?" I guessed, "BYU?" Parker said that was right. Then John and I preceded to tell him how difficult it would be to get accepted to BYU. We told him that he would need really good grades and if he lived outside of Utah that would probably increase his chances of getting in.
You all know how profound Dexter is, so when he asked if we knew where he wanted to go, we were expecting an Ivy League University.
Dexter said, "Do you know where I want to go to college?... I want to go to Eagle Gate College!"

John and I tried really hard not to laugh, he was so cute and sincere. We'll just be happy if both our boys go to college... and even happier if they get scholarships!

In this picture, John is trying to act "all candid" style. Kristen Beach has the best "candid" shots.

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