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Friday, May 16, 2008

Today I Mourn the Loss of...

John and I were driving out to the sleep study place to have his C-pap machine adjusted. My cell phone rang and I answered it to hear someone crying on the other end..."Mom....I'm so so sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.

Parker, yes, it was Parker... was making Top Ramen in the microwave above the stove. He does it all the time at least 3 times a week, but Tuesday was the day of doom! He was taking out the glass bowl of liquid sodium (Top Ramen) from the microwave, it burned him and he dropped the whole thing down onto the stove top.

John kept me calm. I worked myself through the initial shock and walked in to see the damages. I was just expecting a crack or even a divet. Nope, even worse. The impact broke a hole all the way through the glass and into the element. These pictures are after we cleaned up the Top Ramen noodles.

Mourn with me over the loss of my beautiful stove...

Calling Sears to replace the part I would have spent $325, if they only charge the initial $65 to come to the house (yeah, right!)

I found this great place online called MyApplianceParts.com They have the part for $49 less, I can get an upgraded shipping for $7.95 and it will be delivered to my door. John is going to attempt to install it. I'm sure he can do it. I called 800-310-5150 and talked to Kim and Pat several times. They were so nice!

We took the whole thing apart the other night and the element seems to still work, Thank Goodness! (that would have been another $119 and I definitely would just be buying a whole new stove!)

We just bought this stove a couple of years ago and I have loved it. I feel like my kitchen is a little cleaner because I just wipe the top off. Believe me, there is heavy scrubbing involved sometimes. I don't have to take apart all the elements and dripper pans, etc. What a mess that always was...and I never did it often enough!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I've been busy playing and downloading things to my new iPod Nano that I got for Mother's Day! Why didn't anyone tell me they were so cool?

I'm loving my videos from American Idol where David Cook sings right to ME!...and David Archuleta and Jason Castro. (I love Billie Jean & Hello that David Cook performed and Jason's Over the Rainbow and I Don't Wanna Cry songs)

I've also downloaded a few free podcasts, what fun! Two of my favorites are Flight of the Conchords and Happy Tree Friends! (Warning! If you don't like horrific and hilarious cartoon violence, Happy Tree Friends is NOT for you!)

John MADE me open my gift on Friday night. He and the boys were so excited for me to open it. I've always been like: "Whatever MP3 player, iPod hub-bub? What's the big deal?....now I know!

Thanks guys! John made dinner for me too.

Here's the poem Dexter wrote me:

Mother I love you mother I do,
nothing will take my heart from you

You're a good cook and and a good mom,
I love you so for all the things youve done for me

You've helped me and given me things,
And now its my turn to give to you.

Thanks! I Love all my boys!

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