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Thursday, April 27, 2006

2 Sydneys?

One of my buddies got after me for my lack of a post after Alias returned a week ago...

I was pretty bored with the first episode and the second got better, especially the last 2 seconds when we got to see Vaughn. Ha! See! I KNEW he was alive...never even cried during his "death & funeral" I KNEW he'd return!

Sydney's Labor & Delivery...WHATEVER! We really must all try the office chair approach. Being a secret spy must be an epideral enough... did she even push? Or did Isabelle just fall out...and she didn't even cry, weren't they concerned? Oh! I get it, they were all trying to be quiet so they would be caught....yeah, that's it!

And quickly... What the crap was that last night? Anna has now been turned into Sydney? I missed the first 30 minutes, so someone please clue me in! Sydney mentioned that she hated lying to Will... something about Vaughn, so she knows he's a live? Do tell!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Festivities

The morning started off early around 7 am when the boys came upstairs and got in bed with us. (They never do that!) We all went back to sleep and then Parker felt squished so he went in the front room. Around 8 am Parker came in and asked if they could get into their Easter baskets...still groggy and asleep, I said Yes, but let me take a picture first. Then the boys fell asleep again on the couches.

Dex REALLY enjoyed his chocolate bunny!
The Easter Bunny also brought the boys a travel Battleship game and each a new bike!

After church we went to Mike & Kristen's to celebrate Easter and my birthday! Uncle Chris & his girlfriend, Jessica, hid the first round of eggs and candy and then the rest of us had a great time hiding eggs and then trying to remember where we hid them. The boys had a fun time helping their cousins find eggs and candy. Warmer...colder...warmer... waaaarrrmmmeeerrrr...you're getting really hot now! Yes! You Found it!

Oh Baby!

Forget Love...I'd rather fall in Chocolate!

John and I were at Dan's Saturday Night about 11 pm (just hours before Easter) and trying to find some treats for his Sunday School class. We soon found out that all the bags of chocolate and Easter candy had been marked down to $1 per bag and my precious Cadbury Creme Eggs were only 25 CENTS!!! After checking out, I went to get the car and John went back for more. I was more than a little surprised when John returned with 25 Cadbury Eggs... so we ended up with 30 Eggs for only $6.25...SCORE!!! We are going to freeze the rest of the chocolate. I don't want to be in a disaster WITHOUT any chocolate! Can you imagine what some women would pay for some chocolate... but what could be better than chocolate at a time like that???? What would I trade my chocolate away for??? Yes, I consider Chocolate a part of my food storage!

Here's an interesting article about Chocolate that asks the question, "Is Chocolate Physiologically or Psychologically Addictive? (I believe both and believe I eat more than the 11.5 pounds eaten annually by the average American)

This is also a fun article, Women and Chocolate: Simply Made For Each Other. An excerpt from The Times in 2004: "You can bet that when the first Aztec tentatively crushed a cacao bean, right behind him was an ad executive excitedly branding the muddy brown discovery “the food of the gods”. Or if there wasn’t, there certainly should have been — because chocolate hasn’t looked back since. Mars’s new “Mars Delight”, expected out this spring, is just the latest attempt to beguile us into seeing that a mixture of hydrogenated fat, sugar and theobromine (a type of caffeine) is an essential part of our life."

Monday, April 03, 2006


Wheat is for man. D&C 89:19
Chocolate is for woman. M&M 24:7

During Easter I LOVE Cadbury Creme Eggs (Dip in the goo to unleash your naughty, playful side!)...I must say that I have definitely had my share this Easter season...no more for me...and it's a good thing they are only around during Easter! I use to be a big semi-sweet chocolate fan but lately it's been all about the milk chocolate!

What is your favorite kind of chocolate?

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