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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More shows...fallen into the "Fall Season Premiere"

This is a quickie. Typed fast and late at night, and I'm sure full of errors. Quick questions, feel free to answer them and add your own! Join my little discussion....please! I think this Fall Season Premiere thing is growing on me. I like the idea that I'm not going to be glued to my VCR/TV to watch my shows this Holiday season.

Oh boy! Heroes was awesome! I almost started to cry when they were all together in Peter's dream and then Peter blows up! Claire broke my heart, I just love her, she's such a cutie! Can you believe her Dad had the Haitian erase Zack's and Leon's memories...of course you can! That was too cool of the Haitian not to erase hers. Does that mean she is going to understand that her Dad might be a little naughty and not trust him? Well, she shouldn't trust him!

I think one of my favorite scenes this episode was when Peter was being questioned by the police people and the 2 could hear each other's thoughts. I also loved that 2 Heroes (Claire and Peter) were able to "talk". I hope they get to do that again soon! I was nice seeing them connect with another Hero.

So do you think Peter is going to explode because he is around so many Heroes and his body can't take ALL the super powers? He really wasn't looking so good. Do you think he is getting a superhero virus...or maybe just the stomach flu?

Oh my gosh! And can you believe Eden??? I screamed and my hand flew over my mouth and my eyes were buldging! I wish she would have just shot Sylar, but she didn't know if he would be able to just live through the shot, or rejuvinate himself after a gunshot. She probably did the right thing by killing herself so that he wouldn't have her power! How did Claire's Dad meet her? What made him decide to keep her and the Haitian around?

I hope Nikki can stay strong enough to overcome Jessica! I wonder when Mica will let his parents know that he has powers. I saw a bullet pass through Nikki's hubby...so why is his shoulder messed up? How come he's bleeding?

I-sock! Isaac can paint WITHOUT being high! Yahoo! That is awesome! And his latest painting????

Hiro, Hiro, Hiro! I just love Hiro! He is just so dang cute! Do did he lose his powers? or is he just afraid to try again? Yep, He better find that sword...and quick!

STUDIO 60- Okay, that is just too cute with Danny and....I don't remember her name...the character that Amanda Peete plays. Everyone is just falling in love and it's just so cute. This last episode left me with a smile on my face!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fall Season Finale...What the CRAP???

Okay, I'm dealing with the "Fall Season Finale" of Lost. I have to admit that I rewound the tape 3 times to make sure that is really what it said...Lost was having a Season Finale. John and Heather had to tell me that it was just for Fall. Then during the finale they said that Lost would return in 16 weeks... that sounds like FOREVER!

It was a great finale. Kate and Sawyer doin' the deed (I thought she would hold out for Jack, but someone needed some action) We haven't seen any kind of that on the island and they have been there for over 70+ days! Well, Sun is pregnant, but did she get pregnant from her lover before the crash...DUM DUM DUM (dramatic sound, implying mystery).

It was just like Jack to do something on his own terms. I didn't think he would kill him, but knew he would do something...too bad he doesn't know they are on a different island. Oh the dilemma of Kate and Sawyer...what to do, what to do! I'm intrigued and can't wait for 15 1/2 weeks... but I will... just like the rest of us. They will be giving sneak previews of LOST during Daybreak, so stay tuned!

I'm actually coming to terms with this because I want to watch Day Break, which I'm sure will be on during the same time Lost was... and my beloved Medium is changing to Wednesdays... so that will be great! Whew! I think things will work out.

So during the next "lost without Lost"weeks, you can research the show by checking out all the Lost Connections!

This year's line up has been pretty good, I haven't had to set 2 VCR's at one time! That's a relief!

How's the saving of the cheerleader going? I think I'm going to change the message on my phone to that! You'll have to call me!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Save the Cheerleader...Save the World!

Save the cheerleader...Save the World. Have you heard this saying? Matt Lauer is sick of it...I think it is hilarious! I always wanted to be a cheerleader!

Here's an overview of my shows, my activities and my new wig...that I absolutely LOVE!

The wig is longer and thinner and really looks great! It's brown with some lighter highlights. It is really close to the color of my own hair. I get lots of compliments on it.

I'm really loving Lost but freaked out that this week is their FALL SEASON FINALE???! What I had to replay and rewind that last week...did I read that right? What the heck!??? I think after this week's episode I'll need a break. Can Juliette be trusted? (It was hard to see her being sweet and pregnant in Santa Clause 3 that we saw at the theatre last Saturday. Whoa! I just watched the sneak peek! Check it out! The others get Kate to ask Jack to do the surgery! And what about Echo? Dead? We didn't even get to find out why he was on the plane? What is teh deal with the evil looking dark cloud that he sees? Hmmmm? I heard that he was a beast on the set so they got rid of him.

I was getting bored with Desperate Housewives but Sunday's episode (Nov 5) was the best one ever...I even cried. If you missed it you can watch the entire episode free at the ABC website. This is definitely one you don't want to miss...I think awards will come from this episode!

Heroes, Heroes, Heroes. If you haven't watched this show or have missed an episode, try the NBC website. This is definitely a show you want to be addicted to. Everyweek I think...I can't wait another week to find out what happens!!!!! But I have to and then get involved in my other shows and life and then it is Monday night again...whew!

Can't wait for Medium to start again...looks like it will be on Wednesdays now. I was hoping it would stick with Mondays...after Heroes, but Studio 60 is on then and that is a pretty funny show. By the way, the Medium commercials scare Dexter! Well, the sound at the Medium website scares me! I have to turn it off now! Yikes!

My Lasik Eye Consultation is Wednesday, and the procedure is scheduled for November 29. I CANNOT wait to get rid of my glasses! John even admits now that my glasses look better on me without my hair, and since I really like my hair, I'm not liking my glasses!

Parker was a hippie and Dexter was a Dead Pirate for Halloween! It was a great Halloween. Parker had a party and it was so much fun! They played pin the wart on the witch, Murder in the Dark and other games. We also had homemade rootbeer floats! Yummy!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fish Biscuits & Strawberries

Mmm...Mmm.... Good! What a combo! That was a pretty sexy-long-awaited kiss!

I was rather pleased with this episode. I don't care if we didn't find out too much more about the others but Jin & Sun's story... did you get goosebumps like me when Jin unloaded and reloaded the gun like an expert? Whew! That was cool!

Do you think that Jai? (Sun's lover) really jumped? Okay, maybe he did. But I first thought that maybe Sun's Dad didn't think that Jin would follow through and had some back up. I thought Sun was going to come close at the end of the episode and tell Jin the truth. I'm glad Sun got off the boat.

Patience...patience... that's all it takes...says Ben Linus....FREAK! Why has he been on the island all his life? What's up with Juliette...does she really have a good heart or not?

These few people that come up secretly to Kate and Sawyer and ask questions who are they? Do you think they are plants? Or Other Others? Could there be a whole other group that has escaped from the original others and they are roaming the island?

When will we hear something from that Antarctic group... the ones in the wintery station waiting for something to happen that answer to Desmond's girlfriend? Hmmmm? Did you remember about them?

I record the show but watched the first 30 minutes and then hung out with the kids and then watched The Nine and then watched the end of Lost. It was very nice to fast forward through the commercials (last week was ridiculous with all the dang commercials!) My sis watches it on TiVo so she doesn't have to deal with the advertisements...LUCKY!

The best part was the previews for next week! Hurley, Locke, Desmond and Echo! Yahoo! I can't wait! Can't wait to hear from you!

Heroes~LOVIN' IT! I yelled after the show ended on Monday..."I can't wait a whole week!"
The Nine~Likin' it... I can't believe what the Doctor did at the end...He's LOST it!
Studio 60~I think I'm giving up on it. I recorded it but didn't watch it.
30 Rock~was pretty funny! I think I'll give it a chance. I don't think there was anything else on that I wanted to watch so that might work, but I noticed that DAYBREAK will be starting on Wednesdays soon. I watched the preview for that at abc.com and thought it looked pretty interesting.

It's getting late and I'm hopefully flying off to Palm Springs tomorrow... so Nighty Nite!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Lucy Pearl

Here's Lucy Lou! Really her name is Lucia Pearl. She was born November 5, 2005.

From her blessing

These pics are from when I babysat her ALL DAY from 8am until 11pm at night when Heather went to California and got to see the Ellen Show! LUCKY!

Luci is a big girl! She's like in the 110% range... okay I think it's 95%. She's soon to be a 1 year old and it's freaking Heather OUT!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Still as LOST as Ever!

Okay, I was a little breathless like the commercials claimed LOST would be in the first 10 minutes... but just at the beginning when I couldn't believe "the others" life style! What the heck? Were you like me when the show began, checking to make sure you were on the right channel? Once they all went outside and I recognized Ben and Ethan and realized they were ON the island my jaw dropped (that's why I was breathless)

My bro-in-law said, How can you watch an entire one hour show and not learn ONE thing! They didn't reveal much. But really? Did we expect them to? Two whole seasons to learn as much as we have? I didn't have too high of expectations but a little more would have been nice. When you start to think of it there really is a lot to learn.

What about Desmond? Did he make it after he pulled that lever in the crawl space?
What about those guys in Antarctica (some frozen land)
Is Desmond's lover lady friend going to find the island now?
Will Hurley make it back to the rest of the survivors? What will he say? Will they all stay put and do as Hurley was directed?
What about Sun and Sayid and the sailboat?

P.S. I think Ben is Data's (from Star Trek Next Gen) long lost son...okay maybe his brother... he seems rather robotic don'tcha think?

I really should have re-watched the last few episodes over the last few weeks to remind myself of all the things going on.

Please write and tell me your questions, or update me of information you remember or have acquired!

By the way has anyone been watching Heroes? Whoa! I'm loving that show! Do you know what Ali's power is? I can't figure it out! (she's the Mom working as a stripper to make ends meet) I just about cried when the one guy's brother flew up and saved him and and what about the cheerleaders evil father! Oh MY GOSH!

And one last thing, I'm sure I'll get into The Nine since it comes on right after LOST. It looks pretty intriguing.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

August 11, 2006 was my 3 year "Bandiversary" of having the LapBand. I've lost 103 pounds to date... that's just 412 sticks of butter! And, I have lost 76 inches! That's 6.3 feet! It has never really hit me how much weight I have lost because my brain still tells me I'm fat, thanks brain! So when I see myself in before and after pictures it's unreal to me! I don't really remember being that heavy. I think I always tricked myself into thinking I was "just fine" with my weight and never really realized just how big I had become!

Here are my stats:

8/11/03 274
9/11/03 247 -27
10/12/03 239 -35
11/15/03 233 -41
12/11/03 225 -49
1/12/04 220.4 -53.6
2/11/04 216 -58
3/11/04 211 -63
4/15/04 212 -62
6/11/04 210.6 -63.4
7/13/04 206 -68
8/11/04 204.6 -69.4
9/13/04 202.8 -71.2
11/2/04 197.6 -76.4
11/19/05 189 -85
6/11/06 183 -91
8/11/06 171.2 -102.8
9/11/06 167 -107 pounds!

FROM MY: I've Lost ____ inches
Neck 3.5
Bust 9.5
Under Bust 7.75
Waist 11
Dbl. Chin 2
Gut/Hip 14
Thighs 12.5
Rt. Thigh 7.5
Rt. Arm 4
Wrist .75
Calf 3.5

I just needed to get some of these figures and photos on my blog so I can copy them over to me Weight Loss Profile at Obesity Help.com. You can check it out by clicking on the link to the right, under "Links" or by clicking... HERE

Thanks for reading this!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

10 Years Younger?

Who knew that actually having hair could make me look so young? People just can't figure out why I look so different? Did you get your hair colored? Extensions? Are you having an affair? You are getting so thin! Are you still losing weight? I love just nodding yes! hee hee!
Well here I am with my new hair! I've always wanted more but didn't think I'd ever do it or be able to afford it. I tried Rogaine and joined the Hair Paulus Group, both losing hair again, after I stop using the product and it was expensive! The Bosley Company mainly does hair transplants. I had a consultation, and was quite impressed with how nice they were, but was told that I basically don't have a enough hair for a transplant. If they did one they would only be able to do a patch across the front where my bang are... I'd still be mainly bald everywhere else.

Waldean & Elaine approached me a couple of months ago and mentioned that they would like to help me out in my lack of hair situation.

I so appreciate them for bringing up the subject! I'm falling in love with my new hair! It's weird to be able to put on my make up again and throw on my hair and run out the door. It has been something to get use to but everyone I talk to says it looks so natural. I've gotten tons of comments... all good. Now I need to get use to just saying thank you and not feeling like I have to tell them it's a wig!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Me & My Babies

Is this THE SWEETEST picture EVER of Dexter and I...on Mother's Day, or what? I love this picture!
Here's one with both my boys, Parker couldn't wait to change out of his monkey clothes and into some comfy slick shorts!

The Goods of Summer

Some pretty flowers from our front yard this summer!
I figure if my front yard looks pretty, no one will need to come in and see how messy the inside is...Let's just enjoy the nature and beauty from outside!

Cure For The Bad Mood Blues

Husband: Wait a minute. There were five chocolate bars in the pantry yesterday. Why is there only one today?
Wife: I must not have seen that one. (Check out the shadow on that Pouty Lip!)

John's Boss told us about a cure for bad moods... take a picture! So whenever Parker or Dexter start to act onery and cranky we pull out the camera and say cheese. Parker usually runs off laughing = CURED! But Dexter tries to hold out a little longer and then eventually his frown turns into a grin, just in time for the flash!

Race For The Cure

Parker and Tasha ran the 5K in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

On May 13, 2006 Parker and I ran the 5K. Erin, Annika, Thomas, Ella and Grandma Worthington walked the Mile Fun Run. This was our 2nd year participating. It gets very emotional for me when I run under the pink balloon arch and the music is blaring and there are thousands and thousands of people! It is sad and hard to believe that this many people have been touched by cancer in their lives. My Grandmother Opal Worthington and Grandmother Ginette Martino both lost their battle with breast cancer. My Aunt Kathy Wilson is currently battling the demon and coming out with flying colors! Her last CT Scan said NO lesions! This is truly a miracle!

I ran and walked and jogged, Parker ran most of the way! I didn't see him for over half the race and started to get worried about him. There are so many people I thought I would never find him again! Luckily, towards the end of the race he slowed down and was looking for me and we found each other. We also caught up with Erin and her kids.

Dex and John came down to support Parker and I and walked with us to the finish line.

This was really fun and is sure to be an annual event for us!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Not So Lost Anymore

Warning - this blog talks about the Season Finale of Lost. If you haven't had a chance to see it yet, you can watch the whole episode free until June 30, 2006 at this Link. They also offer episodes from Alias and Desperate Housewives.

I didn't write the article but thought it was a great summary for the Season Finale of Lost (just click on that link). The Writers of Lost gave us lots of information and answered a few questions and left us with so many unanswered questions! Like...

1. What will Michael do when and if he gets rescued.
2. What about Hurley will he make it back to "us" (not "them" as in the "others)
3. How long will Sayid, Sun and Jin wait on the boat?
4. Where is Eko? (beating the crap out of Locke maybe?)
5. Does John Locke fell like crap or what? (cause Eko got a hold of him?)
6. Did Desmond survive under the hatch?
7. What will the others do with Jack, Sawyer and Freckles, I mean Kate.
8. Did that major magnetic surge bring down another airplane? Hmmmm?

I think the writers of Lost are brilliant. So many avenues to go with all the store lines. Oh! and I love how they connect everyone together... like Desmond's boat was Libby's deceased husbands? Crazy! Who could of thought that up?

What questions do you have about Lost? Let me know!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

...And They Lived Happily Ever After!

I can't believe it has been 5 years since Alias started?! I remember we gave my sis a surprise Alias birthday party and we put Erin's face in place of Sydney's, and then I took it to Albertson's and had them print it off on that edible paper stuff, and then I put it on her birthday cake, Yeah, that was sooo cool!


I was pleased with the Series Finale of Alias... how couldn't I be? That's it, it's over, Good Bye Syd! I'll truly miss ya!

If you want to write and talk about the last ever Alias, here are a few moments to spark your memory:

Marshall - wasn't that cool that we finally got to see him with his wife and that they look like they love each other and that she really saved the day? Wait! Did Carrie say that she use to be CIA? I started getting lost at that point. 4 kids? Whoa! Marshall, you animal!

Tom - poor Tommy. I thought they might try a spin-off with he and Rachel, but knew it would never work, so I'm glad they just killed him off. He really did love his deceased wife and didn't have anything to live for. I don't think it would have worked out with Rachel. She deserves someone with less baggage.

Irina - Ciao! Evil One (I didn't like how they had her facing up when she landed, but I guess we had to be haunted with those horribly-evil-Rimbaldi-lovin'-eyes!

Jack - I cried when Sydney was saying good bye to her Dad, it was so tender. I think Sydney knew she would never see her father again. I really thought Jack would pull through... and he did!

Sloane - Ciao! Eviler One! Oh! Hello Again! I knew as soon as he fell in that Rimbaldi liquid, he would dead from a few gun shot wounds. That was a WAY TOO EASY way for sinister Sloane to die! It was perfect that he will spend a lovely little eternity entombed alive under that boulder (I couldn't have thought of a more perfect way to take Sloane out!...that is why I am NOT a writer!) I loved that Jack was the one that caused Sloane to spend his immortal life stuck underground forever with no one to hurt or talk to, not even the spirit of Nadia! In case you missed it. Jack was shot several times, severely bleeding, sent Sydney to stop her mother, Irina. Syd has a tearful good bye and is off. Jack somehow hauls his bleeding body down to the tomb where Sloane is, holds up a crap-load of explosives and blows himself & Sloane up, but Sloane is immortal now thanks to that Rimbaldi guy, so Jack is blown to smithereens and Sloane will live FOREVER...haa haaa haaaa ha ha!(evil laugh)

Syd & Vaughn - wouldn't they have genius off spring? Weren't they just so cute with their 2 little kids, Isabelle and their newest arrival Jack! So sweet!

I guess they kind of left it open to see if Sydney and Vaughn would jump back in the game. Why would Dixon think they would even consider coming back after... what?... 6 years and 2 kids to risk their lives doing something they hate. They seem to be out of the loop and in a safe place now... who's left alive to kill them? hee hee I think Sloane and his evil minnons took care of everyone including Prophet 5. I don't think they would go back, unless they come up with some Arch-Nemesis that we never met...they're all dead, Oh! that's right! NO ONE is ever REALLY dead! Haahaahahahhahh...another evil laugh!

I really liked the ending and how they summed all the living characters up. Marshal-happy father of 4 (is he still CIA?) Dixon-was that Director at Langley? Rachel-still working for CIA.

Here's my sweet sigh Good Bye Alias! I'll miss you! *SIGH* Aaaahhhh!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Oh! Then it will be summer!

This time of year is always a little depressing and exciting at the same time for me! We are quickly nearing the end of a lot of things. Just two nights ago, I was freezing cold and said to John, "For Heaven's Sake it is MAY and I'm freezing cold! When is it going to get warmer? Spring is almost gone (it feels like in one day for me!) It was over 80 degrees today! What will I do when it is 100 degrees? Oh! Then it will be summer! All my shows are ending...Season and Series Finales. What will we all do when there is nothing to watch on TV? Oh! Then it will be summer! What will we all do with our kids to entertain them 24/7 without school? Oh! Then it will be summer! The exciting part is summer IS coming and I won't be tied to my TV and WILL spend lots of time with the boys and outside! I'm going to try and not get "into" very many of the shows for the summer line up!

I still have one more week of finales and ONLY 2 more episodes until the Series Finale of Alias. How they are going to wrap that ALL up? Who knows! Erin and I were talking that maybe they are going to start a spin off with the new guy...I don't remember his name, he works with Syd, his wife was killed? They just started his "story", why give us that kind of information? Do we care? Is it going to link back up to Sydney's life? Could he actually carry a spin off? Naw! I don't think so.

Does anyone else watch Ghost Whisperer? Oooooh! That has been my favorite cliff hanger of a finale so far this season! I didn't realize Andrea was the one that died until the very end! That one REALLY got me! I cried and cried, the tears wouldn't stop! I wonder if Melinda is going to help her cross over, or if she will keep her around next season? I can't imagine the show without Aisha Tyler! They are only 3 main characters... Melinda, her husband, and Melinda's C0-Owner for the Antique Shop, Andrea!... well, and all the dead spirits! Check out the website for Ghost Whisperer... it is pretty cool and a little freaky!

Beginning with Sunday, I also watch Desperate Housewives, Medium, Boston Legal, The Amazing Race, Lost, Alias, Survivor, CSI:Las Vegas Unit, and Without A Trace. I wish had another VCR to set for The Office and Earl, but I've already got it set for my Thursday, CBS line up! Could I seriously completely add 2 more shows...NO! Those are hilarious shows, though... I'd also like to wach the New Adventures of old Christine.

Desperate Housewives - I've always loved the show and HATE Bree's son. Things are getting a little out of hand and hard to handle... can I take much more of this? Will Edie not be convicted of burning down Susan's house?

Medium - I love my Allison and her witty husband Joe... their kids crack me up!

Boston Legal - "Denny Crane" the name gets me just as excited as it does for William Shatner, and I love my Alan Shore!

The Race - Who will win? Who will win? What's wrong with hippies? Nothing! They have been great, I mean AMAZING!

Lost - Oh my! How will this season end! I thought the episode last week was a cliff hanger! Season 2 started rather slow and bored me to almost quit the show, but I'm back in it!

Alias - Alas, goodbye Sydney!...and Nadia... could you believe Sloane killed her?

Survivor - Go Terry Go!

CSI - I certainly hope Brass makes it next season! What a guy!

Without a Trace - quite a great episode this week! A white girl and african/american boy are missing, both teenagers. The "white" girl gets all the press and media and nothing it seems is being done for the "black" boy. They showed a little bit of the background of how each went missing. Then each side brought a suspect in. At the very end, Blondie comes into Jack's office and says, "One Dead, One Alive" They ended the show with another agent looking in the trunk of the car and saying they had a positive ID for the body... they never showed who was in the trunk, leaving the viewers not knowing who lived or died... black or white... it was good!

I use to be a strictly NBC girl and watched mostly comedies, but now the only NBC show is Medium, I realized, and my life is filled with drama and reality! I've never gotten into the Law & Order type shows...it's probably a VERY good thing. My VCR only has 7 slots for pre-recorded shows... I don't have TiVo...pity me!

So by the end of next week, for me... Oh! then it will be summer!

What do you watch? What show(s) are you going to miss this summer?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

2 Sydneys?

One of my buddies got after me for my lack of a post after Alias returned a week ago...

I was pretty bored with the first episode and the second got better, especially the last 2 seconds when we got to see Vaughn. Ha! See! I KNEW he was alive...never even cried during his "death & funeral" I KNEW he'd return!

Sydney's Labor & Delivery...WHATEVER! We really must all try the office chair approach. Being a secret spy must be an epideral enough... did she even push? Or did Isabelle just fall out...and she didn't even cry, weren't they concerned? Oh! I get it, they were all trying to be quiet so they would be caught....yeah, that's it!

And quickly... What the crap was that last night? Anna has now been turned into Sydney? I missed the first 30 minutes, so someone please clue me in! Sydney mentioned that she hated lying to Will... something about Vaughn, so she knows he's a live? Do tell!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Festivities

The morning started off early around 7 am when the boys came upstairs and got in bed with us. (They never do that!) We all went back to sleep and then Parker felt squished so he went in the front room. Around 8 am Parker came in and asked if they could get into their Easter baskets...still groggy and asleep, I said Yes, but let me take a picture first. Then the boys fell asleep again on the couches.

Dex REALLY enjoyed his chocolate bunny!
The Easter Bunny also brought the boys a travel Battleship game and each a new bike!

After church we went to Mike & Kristen's to celebrate Easter and my birthday! Uncle Chris & his girlfriend, Jessica, hid the first round of eggs and candy and then the rest of us had a great time hiding eggs and then trying to remember where we hid them. The boys had a fun time helping their cousins find eggs and candy. Warmer...colder...warmer... waaaarrrmmmeeerrrr...you're getting really hot now! Yes! You Found it!

Oh Baby!

Forget Love...I'd rather fall in Chocolate!

John and I were at Dan's Saturday Night about 11 pm (just hours before Easter) and trying to find some treats for his Sunday School class. We soon found out that all the bags of chocolate and Easter candy had been marked down to $1 per bag and my precious Cadbury Creme Eggs were only 25 CENTS!!! After checking out, I went to get the car and John went back for more. I was more than a little surprised when John returned with 25 Cadbury Eggs... so we ended up with 30 Eggs for only $6.25...SCORE!!! We are going to freeze the rest of the chocolate. I don't want to be in a disaster WITHOUT any chocolate! Can you imagine what some women would pay for some chocolate... but what could be better than chocolate at a time like that???? What would I trade my chocolate away for??? Yes, I consider Chocolate a part of my food storage!

Here's an interesting article about Chocolate that asks the question, "Is Chocolate Physiologically or Psychologically Addictive? (I believe both and believe I eat more than the 11.5 pounds eaten annually by the average American)

This is also a fun article, Women and Chocolate: Simply Made For Each Other. An excerpt from The Times in 2004: "You can bet that when the first Aztec tentatively crushed a cacao bean, right behind him was an ad executive excitedly branding the muddy brown discovery “the food of the gods”. Or if there wasn’t, there certainly should have been — because chocolate hasn’t looked back since. Mars’s new “Mars Delight”, expected out this spring, is just the latest attempt to beguile us into seeing that a mixture of hydrogenated fat, sugar and theobromine (a type of caffeine) is an essential part of our life."

Monday, April 03, 2006


Wheat is for man. D&C 89:19
Chocolate is for woman. M&M 24:7

During Easter I LOVE Cadbury Creme Eggs (Dip in the goo to unleash your naughty, playful side!)...I must say that I have definitely had my share this Easter season...no more for me...and it's a good thing they are only around during Easter! I use to be a big semi-sweet chocolate fan but lately it's been all about the milk chocolate!

What is your favorite kind of chocolate?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More Anniversary Pics

Since the blog won't put these 2 pictures in with my 14th Anniversary post, I'm inserting them here: The great marble bathroom with Steam Bath/Shower, which was just to the left as you entered and the potty was at the end to the left. There was a makeup/vanity mirror with a light (you can see it on the counter) It made me laugh because it had 4 different light settings (home, day, night & office... like I'm going to lug that thing around to do my makeup)

Maybe the post can only be a certain length...oh, well, it's working now.

And here is the cowboy, many of you may remember, that use to be between the Stateline and Silversmith Casinos...he apparently has a name "Wendover Will" and he's way out at the west end, inviting you to West Wendover!

Monday, March 27, 2006


The Beach's all had dinner together on Sunday at Mike & Kristen's lovely new home and I had to post some pictures of my Lil' Miss Ashley in her Mardi Gras beads! Someone said, "Oh, she's such a girl!" Which I said is funny, cause she IS a girl, but all those necklaces are Keegan's! When Ashley was done, she couldn't get them off and was getting a little tangled!

Wow! Time Really Flies When...

...I'm on Ambien and get some sleep. This blog started when I was an insomniac and would stay up all night blogging and adding pictures. So I've been sleeping lately, instead of bloggin!

On March 24, John and I celebrated our 14th Wedding Anniversary. We went to Wendover on the 23rd and stayed overnight at the Montego Bay Casino. Now we haven't been to Wendover since, well I think, we had kids... maybe 8-10 years! John booked us at the Montego Bay because it had better reviews online and we weren't expecting much to begin with. We were both pleasantly surprised!

The room was great! Brand-new wing of the hotel, SMOKE-FREE (huge selling point for me!)

Kingsize Bed...
the room was decorated with black & purple

Big Black Jetted Tub with a cool wide faucet...

Huge Flat-Screen TV... with John there, you know the Simpson's had to be on, at least once! (I thought it comical that Homer & Marge were in bed for this picture! (wink, wink!)

Luxurious Marble Bathroom with a shower/Steam Bath! John loved the steam bath. I couldn't breath, was coughing/choking and couldn't stand the heat, so I didn't last long in there!

I didn't want to go home and we didn't want to leave the room and didn't!... except to eat dinner at the Oceano Buffet. The food was your average run-of-the-mill Casino Buffet but I didn't care because we had a wonderful room... and wonderful company of course!

Since we drove straight to the casino, we thought we better see what other things have changed in Wendover... okay, not much, but they were building a theater/art/cultural center? That seems a little weird for Wendover. We did find out old cowboy friend. The last time we were in town he stood between the Stateline and Silversmith casinos. Now he stands out as far west as you care to go in Wendover. We saw him and then turned around and drove home. It was nice to have a quick little get-away. Waldean watched the boys for us overnight and we really appreciated that!
The computer is "acting up" and not uploading my pics, so I'll add them later. I have a pic of the bathroom and the cowboy.

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