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Thursday, May 03, 2007

6 Months has been long enough!

Well, it's been forever, okay, 6 months! It time I updated some stuff on my blog...if you can call it that...a blog...I haven't blogged for soooo long!

What do you think of Robin Thicke? Sexy? Voice to high? He's workin' on me! I'm lovin' Lost Without U, so I thought I would add it to my little page here.

As far as my shows, I'm lovin' them all! Lost is really good and so is Heroes... only a few more shows left until the season finales!!!! Yikes! I'll miss them, but I think I'll be better prepared since it feels like we had such a hiatus lately!

I've been feeling better lately. I hate to say it cause I'm afraid it will end! I started going to a specialist...Thanks Haley! Dr. Fang couldn't see me until August, but Dr. O'Rourke could see me quick so I saw her last week. Dr. Wong came in for a little talk too. At the University of Utah I basically have access to all the doctors, they all help each other out. They "upped" my meds and it really seems to be helping! I've also found if I start eating in the morning and continue throughout the day my tummy seems to feel much better. I must be "jump-starting" it to work and just have to keep it moving. I even have slept without my wedge at night a few times! My back sure loves sleeping flat for once!!! Being on an incline every night is killer! UGH!

We are going to San Francisco this month and I am so excited! John and I went their on our honeymoon. Then John surprised me and took me back for our 10 year anniversary! I've always wanted to take the boys and share SF with them! There is so much to see and do! So for our 15 year anniversary we all get to go! John is going for a work conference and we are going to tag along too! Yahoo!

I had an Uppercase Living Party and got some really cool stuff. I'll add some of the pictures as soon as I can figure out this new computer!

Well, I better go get ready for work! It's cold and rainy today...I really love the rain!

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