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Saturday, March 29, 2008

ABC Tagged!

If you read this, and have a blog, copy this and fill in your answers. Consider yourself TAGGED!

A- Attached or single: Attached for 16 years!
B- Best Friend: Heather Ann Hart Tisor Berets (in case of any confusion with Heathers)
C-Cake or Pie: Chocolate Cake
D- Day of Choice: Saturdays!
E- Essential Item: Tweasers (don't ask)
F- Favorite Color: Green & Purple
G- Gummy Bears or Worms: neither, just give me chocolate.
H- Hometown: Lived in Salt Lake City the longest
I- Indulgence(s): I have too many to name
J- January or July: July
K-Kids: 2-Parker & Dexter
L-Life is incomplete without: laughing, sleeping & friends (that's AND friends, not sleeping with friends ;o)
M- Marriage Date: March 24, 1992
N- Number of Siblings: 4 - 2 sisters and 2 brothers
O-Oranges or Apples: Apples, fresh & crisp. I don't do bruises
P-Phobias or Fears: snakes, snakes, snakes
Q-Quote(s): "With boys you only have to worry about one penis...with girls you have to worry about allllll the rest." ~ J.A. Jance
R- Reason To Smile: vacations, Dexter's prayers & the "essential information" he needs you to know
S-Something new: 2007 Light Ice Blue Hyundai Sonata sitting in my garage
T-Tag: Haley, Stephanie, Angie, Hiroko, Nicole, Steve& anyone else who chances by to read this blog!
U-Unknown Fact About Me: I was voted the "Most Spirited" in high school (Stephanie might know that)
V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: Carnivore
W- Worst Habit: Procrastination (but it is when I work the best, under pressure!)
X- X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Ultrasounds are more exciting!
Y- Your Favorite Food: Carnita Fiesta Grande Salad from La Cocina
Z-Zodiac: Aries

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Heathens that we are....

We did make it on time for our 9 am Church Meetings early Easter Sunday morning. I think subconsciously we were trying to be good, because deep down we are such Heathens...we had made reservations for Easter Dinner, at a restaurant, on the Sabbath! We went to Black Angus for their Easter Honey Baked Ham Dinner, but only John and Grandma Beach ordered the ham. I ordered Salmon, Dex-chicken and Parker, you guessed it, Steak!

Dexter and I searched for the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid (Parker wanted none of that business!). I remember growing up, the oldes of 5 kids, and each Easter we would take turns hiding the eggs for each other. Parker didn't want to play, so Dex and I hid them for our next door neighbor kids.

At 6pm we went to Haley & Steve's for dessert. I had made an Apple Crisp dessert for a funeral the day before that we didn't use, so I baked that up and Haley had ice cream for us.

Erin & Nat called and said they would be out for a visit around 7:30pm so we headed home and saw them for a bit. Then the Carson's took both Parker and Dexter home to their house for a sleep over...leaving John and I allllll alone. Now this was cool for 2 reasons: #1- Break for the boys & #2- The next day was our 16th Wedding Anniversary! Woo Hoo! 16 years?? That IS a LONG time!

I've been

Happily Married
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for 16 years!!

So what is a couple to do with a night without kids? Go see a movie!? Right!? That's what we did! We went to see Vantage Point. The movie started at 10pm and we got there at 10 pm. I ran to the bathroom and John ran to get us some seats. I finished my business and then walked into the theater. I could hear that the previews had already started. I peeked around the corner, expecting to see people all over and have a hard time trying to find John but I spotted him immediately, right in the very center of the theater in the middle seat. What great seats!!! John waved his arms and said, "Honey, can you see me? Here I am!" John being so loud was just fine, because we were the ONLY ONES in the entire room! It was great! We took our shoes off and kicked back and were totally relaxed! How romantic...John rented out the whole theater just for us! Just Kidding, it was a Sunday night and Easter, so it really wasn't a busy evening, but I would suggest it to anyone, it was fun! The show was really good and it was cool because I could talk to John and make comments about the movie without worrying if I was bothering anyone else! (I hate movie-talkers & texters!)

I hope you had a great & Happy Easter! Only click on the Easter link if you are familar with Happy Tree Friends. It may be a bit graphic and offensive to some, but the boys and I just laugh and laugh and scream GROSS!

Does Life Ever Slow Down?

Geez! Where has the time gone? The last two weeks have a been a blur with Dex's ear infections (meds twice a day going on 20 days now), my bosses daughters wedding (I helped out with the name cards & flowers it was gorgeous! Ann Bowen is an artist, not just the "woman who did the flowers" (I'll post some pics), a funeral in our ward that I helped out with, Easter, working at the Perfect Dress, MaggieGownsOnline.com and Garden of Elegance, John going to school, the boys in scouts, Ward Lip Sync, Lia Sophia parties, book club (I actually read the book this month!), researching used cars, buying a used car (Hyuandai Sonata), 16 yr anniversary... blah blah blah! Aaagh! Oh! and we just got the results from John's sleep study... he only stopped breathing 121 times that night! yes, they have ordered a C-Pap machine for him and he is going in tonight for an overnight sleep study.... 2 Boys and a husband are enough for me to handle. P.S. It is freakin' snowing right now!!! Where is my spring!!!????

This is the Head Table. Ann taught us how to make the lampshades out of rose petals and orchids...isn't it stunning? She is sooooo creative. I stand in awe of Ann Bowen!

Okay, this was the coolest, EVER! These were on the throw bouquet! When Alex threw the bouquet it split into five different bouquets so five girls got the delight of catching flowers! Each one had a message and ring attached: "You will marry the boy next door, a millionaire, your prince charming, your best friend!"

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Time for a Visit to the Doctor

I figured Dexter's illness was "just" the flu. I know there is nothing the doctor would do except take my co-pay and send me back out the door with instructions of plenty of liquids and tylenol and hand washing, so (man this sentence is getting long!) sooooo, we dug in for a few days of the flu.

Dexter's fever went away but then he was really complaining that his ears hurt. This morning he woke up crying because they hurt so bad. He said it felt better to keep his hands over his ears. So I called the doc and they got us right in at 9:40 a.m.

Double ear infection. Poor Dexter! I've had an ear infection as an adult and it was not pretty! UGH! I understand why babies cry so bad and are so miserable when they have ear infections. Their ears hurt and want it to stop so they cry and cry hoping that their Mom will figure something out...I wanted to just jam something in my ear to relieve the pressure, only I knew that could turn out badly.

ANYWAAAAYY!!! Dr. Baar (filling in for Dr. Bancroft) gave Dex some yummy pink antibotic and some numbing ear drops. He is doing A LOT better! Whew!

It's my big TiVo night. I only have 2 tuners so I don't get to TiVo the results show from American Idol. I can't stand that they moved LOST to Thursdays...I know they did that on purpose to interfere with Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice, The Office, etc. etc. What's a girl to do? Give up a show or two? NEVER!!! I'll figure out something.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It's our turn

Several friends have blogged about their kids being sick and I thought I had luckily avoided that mess, BUT, the Influenza A strain has hit the Beach household...only Dexter so far. Monday night temperature of 101.5. Dex said his head felt like it was going to explode and his shoulder felt like it was going to pop out (achy joints). Now (Wednesday) his throat his killing him. "Mom, I just can't keep my throat "hydrated". I got him some V-8 Fruit juice and it is almost alllll gone. I know he doesn't feel good cause he doesn't want to watch TV or play on the computer. Poor Guy.
Last fall, Erin and I both participated in a Flu Research Study ($80 woo hoo!) Erin got the flu, I so far haven't...I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Erin is for sure she DID NOT get the real vaccine, I think I did...maybe. John calls it my Research-Study-Money-Making-Scheme. My first was the birth control pill research (didn't get pregnant & made $250) and this is my 3rd flu research and haven't gotten sick yet! The first 2 studies were $150 each. Not a bad gig! If you are interested you should ask your doctor. The studies I participate in are at Foothill Family Clinic. They always have several going on. I think there is one for kids with asthma, or acne and I think there is one on cholesterol too. You can just call them and see what studies they have. Call 801-365-1032 and ask for Research. (No, I am not being paid for this advertisement)

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