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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Something I NEVER thought I would see

In the last few weeks I have received 2 of my greatest compliments..."Do you have artificial nails? When did you get your nails done?" These are so wonderful to me because I have been a nail biter for 38 years!!! These are my VERY OWN nails! On my birthday this year I decided to stop the habit....3 months and counting. I think they look so pretty, and I'm proud of myself! I've done it on my own without any promise of reward, like going to Disneyland. My boss tried to cure their daughter of nail biting by taking her to Disneyland. She said as soon as they got there...chomp, chomp, chomp... she still bites them.
One reward is that the boys, especially John, LOVE me scratching their backs and arms now too....well, it's a reward for them, not me.

Worthington Wednesday #2

Worthington Wednesday we were staying at a time share in Jeremy Ranch!

We headed up to the Olympic Park Museum first.

7 Man Bobsled
Ella wouldn't turn around because she was SCARED TO DEATH by this hanging over head...

Then it was up, up, up the chair lift to the Alpine Slide. One of the highlights on the way up, were the bras and underwear we saw in the trees. It was funny that a few of the cousins decided to write about that in their journals!

All 7 Cousins slept over at the condo. Kids everywhere and of course they ALL wanted the top bunk of the one bunk bed there!
I YI YI! We tried to watch the movie, Stardust... 7 different kids, I want cheetos, now I want chips, I don't want this, I want a cookie, can I have more chips? It's a wonder that only Grace got sick! Grace started throwing up at 3am and every 20-30 minutes after that. Thank goodness Erin was able to take care of her. (It would have been a barf-fest if I was involved) Erin said Grace is "the best thrower-upper EVER!" She made it to the toilet every time and pulled back her own hair. She's only 4 years old! Poor thing. The rest of the kids eventually woke up and headed down for breakfast. Grace was a trooper but still didn't feel good. So Kristien drove back up and took her home. She threw up 3 more times in the car. Poor Gracie was really sick. I think just a 24 hour thing. Thankfully, no one else tossed their cookies!

Worthington Wednesday #1

My awesome sister, Erin, decided that it would be a great thing to get all the Worthington Cousins together each Wednesday (for the summer) for some sort of Activity. She bought them journals and each week they write a few sentences about the things they did.

The first week they decorated their journals and wrote in them. Played around at the house and then we went to Sprague Library, checked out books, and took pictures in the rain. Pictures to follow soon....

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