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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Enos Sounds Like Penis

This post is dedicated to Dexter and learning a little more about him.
Have you ever seen another kid so excited about receiving books for Christmas?

Dexter was been described as "wise beyond his years" by Mrs. Luka, his kindergarten teacher....so yes, when he was just five years old. In 1st grade he was tested and found to be reading on a 5th grade level. Dexter is an avid reader...to the point of needing to be grounded from reading. Can you imagine? During Summer Recess from school Dexter has said, "I miss school, I miss learning!" Parker, his 13 year old brother, thinks he is a "FREAK!"

In 4th Grade Dex would come home crying because "the kids don't respect him". (I tried to explain to him that kids don't think that way. They make fun of you and you are all friends again by the next recess.)

During a check up last year his pediatrician took him by the shoulders and looked him straight in the eyes and said, "Dexter, what you've got to understand is you are just an old man, stuck in a 10 year old body." I wish you could have seen the sigh of relief Dexter took, finally feeling like someone understood him.

Dexter is a great kid. He is grateful and thanks you for any kindness you show towards him. He gives compliments. He does NOT lie. I consider him my own General Authority. He gets upset with me when I swear and really tries to keep everyone "in line and obeying the rules". He will NOT swear (unless pushed to the extreme edge by his brother when he will yell, "Shut the HELL up! Parker has it recorded, for proof, on his cell phone. It cracked me up) Dexter will still hold my hand in public, give me kisses and makes kissing smooch sounds when saying goodbye to me on the phone. At night, we have a ritual, that he started, of me kissing him on one side of the face and him kissing my cheek and he kisses my other cheek and I kiss him goodnight.

Dexter has always been a kid that can make you laugh. He has what I like to call: Dexterisms, it's not a tic, or disease, it's just the funny things he says. Here are a few Dexterisms:

This story was told to me by Dexter's Primary Teacher.
Dexter has always been the only boy in his Primary class at church, all the rest are girls. One Sunday in his 4 yr. old Primary class, the teacher announced they were going to talk about Enos. Dexter, reverently raised his hand and announced: "Enos sounds like PENIS." Taken back the teacher tried to proceed and just said, Well, today we are talking about Enos. Dexter said again, "Well, it does, Enos sounds like penis. Thank you Dexter, you are right. Dexter just thought it was something you needed to know. He wasn't trying to be funny and didn't look for a reaction from the girls, it was just knowledge he had, and NEEDED to share.

For Christmas 2007 Dexter received a Book Case. It was his favorite Christmas gift and he wrote a paper about it for school.

Here are a few more recent stories:
I never really listen/catch/understand the words in songs, I just like the beat. I was listening to a song on the radio in the car and actually understood and processed the words to a song. I'm sure you've heard it. Ray J's - Sexy Can I (if you dare listen to it) I hear the lyrics, "sliding down the pole, no panties, no shirt" and it hits me this chick is naked! So the next day, John, Dexter and I are driving in the car. I turn on the radio and it's playing Sexy Can I...the questionable lyrics play and I turned to John and say, this is the song I was telling you about. Then, I turn to Dex and say, Do you ever think about a girl like that? Dexter says, No. (I turn back around feeling so proud of my son, then he says) "No. I don't think about A girl like that I think about A LOT of girls like that!"

This year Dexter needed to write a paragraph about a subject. The subject was Sports. Here is his paper, word for word. I saved it cause, it's THAT Good!:

"My favorite sport would be fishing. I don't enter tournaments and stuff like that, but I like fishing. I like the peace and quite, so that I can read while fishing. After you catch your fish, you will always feel very proud of yourself! I hope you enjoy the sport of fishing."

One more:
Dexter received his Arrow of Light award last week. This is the last award in Cub Scouts. During the week his Webelos Leader called to see if Dexter would like to help make the plaque that holds the arrow that is given to each recipient. Dexter wasn't home at the time and we made plans to try to get them together later in the week to work on it. That never happened. The Pack Meeting came, a wonderful Arrow of Light Ceremony took place and Dexter proudly brought home is award. As we were walking into the house I told him that his leader wanted him to help make the award earlier in the week. Without skipping a beat and not trying to be funny at all Dexter said:
"I'm glad I didn't help make this because that would have been like the Groom seeing the Bride BEFORE the Wedding."
Is it me, or does this kid CRACK YOU UP??? He loves his award and considers it his current bride.

Dex receiving his arrow during the ceremony

Dexter walking across the bridge from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. Each of the "graduated" scouts signs the bridge with a wood burner. Dexter's brother and Uncle Chris are listed on the same bridge! We found names from 1993, pretty cool tradition.

Dave Johnson, shaking hands with Dexter and welcoming him to the Boy Scout Troop!

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