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Friday, February 27, 2009


Whatever. That's my additude right now and obviously for a while now. I haven't had any motivation to do anything. No bloggin', no nothing. I just want to do my stuff and come home and veg out...at least on Facebook anyway. Geesh! February is almost over and I haven't even blogged since the first of January. I have hardly taken any pictures either. Great Mom I've been.

I did manage to make it to Dexter's Science Fair and learned that regular soap, without sanitizer isn't killing many germs. Are these good or bad germs...do we need this bacteria to help ward off the bad bacteria? It's too much for me to handle right now...and the petri dish pictures are GROSS!

The pics are pretty self-explanatory. The left is Dexter starting his project, just wiping his fingers on the Petri dish, no washing, just Every-day-Dex. The one of the right is playing in the Legos and then wiping on the dish.

The picture on the left is after Dex played with his legos and THEN washed his hands with just Dial Soap. The picture on the right is the same scenario with the legos, Dial, AND Hand Sanitizer.

There are lots of different things to take into consideration. Will something grow on the dish if it isn't touched at all? Yes. After each time of washing, is your hand less dirty when you begin to play in the Legos again? Did you wash as well the last time? What kinds of bacteria are growing on the dish? They are all different colors! The Petri dishes are fun. If you need some for future science fairs let me know and I'll get you the phone number. They are just off of State Street and 7000 South.

In the past Dex and Parker have used the Petri dishes to determine which fast food restaurant has the cleanest bathrooms (testing, toilet handles, stall doors and restroom door handles)If I remember right it was Wendy's. They have an every 15 minute cleaning schedule (Yea! Right! But that's what they said was their cleaning policy) Another Fair included the Petri dishes to determine who's bathroom is cleaner, our home or the school....and the results were appauling!...The School. Dexter's hypothesis was that the school would be dirtier because there are so many kids, but in fact, ours was much grosser. My reasoning is because the school bathroom is cleaned daily with industrial strength cleaners and is lighted all day (it's bright in there) and everything is metal. At home, weekly cleanings are a rarity, we have some plastic fixtures, it's dark in there with the lights off, and it gets warm and steamy everyday with 4 people taking showers! (Sounds good, doesn't it?)

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