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Friday, May 15, 2009

Stay at the Flamingo

I loved our room!

View from our room of the 2 separate pools...the one on the right was open for everyone... the one on the left, the Topless Pool, or 21 & over only.

Viva Las Vegas

John had a 3 Day conference for work in Las Vegas this year, so when the opportunity to go with John came up, I was ready!

Even with John in meetings from 8-4pm everyday, I had a blast! One of the highlights was accidently walking on to a movie set in front of Planet Hollywood. Jonah Hill and Russell Brand were filming the movie, "Get Him To The Greek". I spent more than an hour just hanging out and watching the scene they were filming. Chatting with people and people watching are 2 of my favorite activities!

Jonah Hill
has been a ton of movies like Superbad, Knocked Up, Evan Almighty and in the Night at the Museum 2 (opening May 22)

Russell Brand is a british actor/comedian that you may know from Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Bedtime Stories.

After walking around for 4 hours in the morning in the 99 degree heat and having lunch I went back to the room and slept....for TWO & HALF HOURS!! It was AWESOME!!!

Later that night John and I went to see one of the shows playing at Planet Hollywood, Tony & Tina's Wedding. It was cute and interactive! It was fun having the family members sitting at your table and talking with you. Frank Marino, a famous Las Vegas Drag Queen stopped by our table too! Pregnant Bridesmaid + Gay Brother + Father of Groom with his stripper girlfriend + drunk bride + nun + cheating boyfriend of a bridesmaid = A big FAT Italian Wedding. It was great fun, plus they fed us dinner and served wedding cake for dessert!

After the show, we were walking down the escalator and with my keen celebrity eyes, I spotted Jonah again. I quickly handed John the camera and said, "TAKE MY PICTURE!" I asked Jonah for a quick pic and here's what I got... not bad! Thanks John!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Old Mother on Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I just wanted to write down this quick little memory.

In Sacrament Meeting, each Mother's Day, the Primary Children sing songs to their Mother's. In 2007, Parker turned 12, but not until the end of May (after Mother's Day), which meant, he was still in Primary and GOING to sing to me. Parker HATES to sing! Right after the sacrament, Parker headed to the bathroom and didn't come back until AFTER the singing... that was SO Parker!

So this year, I pleaded with Dexter with my puppy dog eyes to sing to me for the last time, and how his brother had broken my heart and I'll remember it until the day I die....

Dex went up on the stand, sang to me, made eye contact, smiled and even pointed at me when they sang "That's my Mother!"
BTW, one of my favorite lines is "Baking Bread All Day Long, Could be someone else's Mom" (Yes, in my case!) I wish I would have stashed my camera and recorded it!

That was my last Mother's Day Program from my Primary aged son! *tear*tear*sigh* My kids are growing up!

Here's another little Ditty from Dexter...
Last week during Testimony Meeting, Bro. Jim Woodward was bearing his testimony. He is a grandfather now and watching several of their grandkids while the parents are out of town.

He said, "I am remembering raising my own kids and would like to honor all you young mother's out there."

Dexter leans over and says, "He's not talking about you Mom, cause you're old."

Later, as the same man was finishing up, he said, "So again I would like to honor all the Mother's young and OLD..."

Dexter pokes me. Gives me the look like, "did you hear that?" "NOW, he's honoring you!"

I still love him.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

An Easter Story by Dex

The Easter Bunny and his army of ducks, rabbits and chocolate bunnies were marching to Santa's castle because the Easter Bunny was going to overthrow Santa Claus and make two Easters!

Little did the Easter Bunny know, Santa Claus was vacationing in the Amazons.

When the Easter Bunny got to Santa's castle, he destroyed the castle, only to find 50 elves had stayed behind. The elves flew off on the reindeer. In the rubble of Santa's castle, the Easter Bunny found a note saying: "I'll be back in September! P.S. I'm in the Amazons!"

So, the Easter Bunny went to the Amazons, only to be met by the harsh traps and attacks from the natives, elves and creatures. 500 Chocolate bunnies went in... Zero came out.

Seeing he was outnumbered, the Easter Bunny surrendered.

The End

This story came along with illustrations.... This was a keeper!!!
What a boy I have!!!
Watch out Steven Spielberg!

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