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Saturday, February 11, 2006

FINALLY! A man that "Gets" Us!

This is from a friend's 2005 Valentines Blog... I loved it so much I saved it and even printed it in this years' PTA Newsletter. Every male should read this!

It’s Valentine’s Day. Have you remembered to obtain SOMETHING for your significant other today?

For those of the male species who may not be aware, we cannot EVER ignore any Hallmark Holiday (birthdays, mother’s day, anniversary, TODAY, etc.), even if she tells you that you don’t need to get her anything. The fact that you remembered the day will bring her joy. If you forget or take her “no gift” request literally, it will break her heart and forgiveness will be slow. If she really loves you, only time and extreme grovelling will soothe the hurt – the most expensive gift in the world might actually make it worse.

People who are single tend to hate Valentine’s Day. Is there anyone who hasn’t heard it bitterly referred to as “Single Awareness Day” – a day that single people are cruelly reminded by everyone around them that they have no love life?

I enjoy Valentine’s Day myself. I have been married for just over four years, and the relationship is still going strong. I love my wife very much, and all evidence says she loves me. Last year I bought my wife concert tickets for a show that played on her birthday, and gave them to her on Valentine’s Day. I’m afraid that the budget keeps me from doing something so flashy this year.

UPDATE: I didn’t intend the focus of my second paragraph above to be gifts. I was trying to say that you must show, in some way, that the day is important to you and that you remembered it. The problem arises when the man inteprets “don’t get me anything” as “today means nothing, don’t worry about it.”

Shawn's Blog I grew up with Shawn's twin sisters, who I love, but I give credit to his wife fer learnin' him so good!

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