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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm BAaaack!

Hello All!

My friend Cyndee asked how my blogging was going so I thought I better update a little!

First off, for most of you, you know that I have been really sick and losing weight and feeling pretty miserable. I got down to a sickly 142 pounds! I looked dead (people actually told me that!).
* I saw my LapBand Doctor on Wednesday.
* He looked at my X-rays on Thursday and called to tell me that,
* My band had slipped

My doctor was awesome. When he told me about the slip he said, they could fix it, put in a new one or completely remove it. He said he knew I had been through a lot so he wanted me to talk it over with John and sleep on it and then call him in the morning with a decision. I still may have Gastroparesis and may throw up. I don't want to risk another slip so I opted for the removal.

* John called our insurance, got approval to have the band removed
* I Called the doctor on Friday Morning and told him I have decided to have it removed. They said they could perform the removal on Monday morning. YIKES! so soon!

So everything came together super quick so I knew this is what needed to happen and on Monday, June 18 I lost my best friend that has been with me everyday for the last 3 years, 10 months and 7 days!

I haven't thrown up once or even had heartburn! Everything is back to normal and unfortunately so is my appetite! It's back and so are all the cravings. Only this time I don't have a device implanted in me to say, "Uh, hello? You are full!" It's nice not to feel depressed anymore feeling like I can't go on throwing up every meal! It was getting really bad!

So I have to be really good and watch what I eat and get some exercise. I need to gain some weight back to look healthy again and that has been put back on already! Now just to maintain!

It is wonderful feeling normal again. Life is good! Yahoo!

Oh! And I would put my LapBand back in tomorrow if I could! I love the band and don't blame it for my problems. I could have NEVER lost 130 pounds on my own!

If you are reading this and thinking about having the LapBand, do it! I certainly would. It was wonderful and I loved it!...and miss it dearly!

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