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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I love Halloween! I think because for me, it's the start of "THE" Holidays when I get to be around my family more and the world is full of good cheer!

Once you drive by our house you realize just how much the Beach's LOVE Halloween! It is a lot spookier at night with the orange lights glowing through the spider webs and the purple lighted spider webs on the trees and the glow in the dark skeletons. Anyway... here's a taste of what you would see.

My pride and joy of this Halloween is my brand new 6 Foot Vampire from Sam's Club. It was on sale for only $29... I HAD to have it! I made myself leave because they had some other killer halloween inflatable things for the yard...on sale!

The Witch's Inn...THE Witch (me) is IN! Do stop by for a visit my sweetie!

And of course, I'm one of these freaky dog moms that love to dress up their dogs for Halloween. Buddy, loves to wear clothes all the time, so he won't be a problem. Is his witch's costume not the cutest ever???
Brillo, on the other hand, hates to wear clothes, so we never do it. I bought this Frankenstein costume a few years ago for $3.50 at Petco. He wore it for about 30 seconds. Since Buddy was in the spirit of dress up, I tortured Brillo for a little bit and took one good picture. I didn't realize he was lickin' his face until after I printed the picture...still so cute! Actually, now that I see it, I think he's sticking his tongue out at me! What do you think?


Eddie & Sandy Plummer said...

Hooray! It's good to hear from you. Love your decorations! I'm excited for tonight...the best part of Halloween...The Great Pumpkin is on TV!!!!

Beach Girl said...

So cool Tasha! Your house is creepy...perfect. My only question, where will you store the giant Dracula after Halloween???

temaire said...

I LOVE it!!!! I love halloween and so I love to see people do their yards! Very cool! Okay, your poor dogs! lol I am so not a dress up my dog person,so I think your dog is definetly stickig out his tongue at you! :) Happy halloween!

Angie & Willy said...

Oh no... inflatables AND doggie costumes? Tasha Tasha Tasha....

LOL. Just kidding :) Looks like spooky fun at the Beach house! I blew it and didn't even get out the decorations this year *yipes* I was all consumed with getting costumes done in time for the Trunk or Treat last Friday that I sort of forgot about decorating.

angela said...

I love the pictures in your windows. My family would love you.. I don't decorate as much as they would like. Hope that things are going great for you! We still need to go to lunch!

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