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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Something I NEVER thought I would see

In the last few weeks I have received 2 of my greatest compliments..."Do you have artificial nails? When did you get your nails done?" These are so wonderful to me because I have been a nail biter for 38 years!!! These are my VERY OWN nails! On my birthday this year I decided to stop the habit....3 months and counting. I think they look so pretty, and I'm proud of myself! I've done it on my own without any promise of reward, like going to Disneyland. My boss tried to cure their daughter of nail biting by taking her to Disneyland. She said as soon as they got there...chomp, chomp, chomp... she still bites them.
One reward is that the boys, especially John, LOVE me scratching their backs and arms now too....well, it's a reward for them, not me.


Emma said...

So how did you do it????

Emma said...

So how did you do it????

Tasharoo said...

I wish I knew! The boys catch me just staring at my nails because it is such a novelty!

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