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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Orchestra Concert

Dexter started playing the Viola last year and is quite a superstar... especially when you know that he NEVER practices. Never. Ever. EVER!
I told his Orchestra teacher and she laughed and said that she was the same way. Her mother would always say, "Just think how good you would be if you actually PRACTICED!"
The day started out pretty hectic with Brillo (our dog) being sick and I was at the Vet with him at 8am. Dexter called me about 8:30 to tell me that, "Aaaa, Mom, I forgot that today is the Orchestra Concert and I forgot my viola and I need nice clothes and it starts at 1:30. okay. At 11:30 when I dropped off all his "supplies" he told me that the concert didn't start until 2:30. okay. So after taking Brillo back to the vet for more tests and running in to work, I made it back to the school at 2:20, only to find out the concert REALLY didn't start until 3pm. UGHGH! I still hadn't showered and was suppose to be at my part-time Holiday job @ 5pm. So I ran home, took the quickest shower EVER and made it back to the concert on time with camera rolling...
Oakwood Orchestra Christmas Concert

Dexter performed as a trio with Reid Dimond & Ethan Anderl. They played We Three Kings.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How great! Rachel started Viola in school too this year (we should have them play a duet for us!). Merry Christmas girl - I love you in a hey way! ;)

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