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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


For the 3 or 4 people that actually come to my blog, read it and comment:

I'm scheduling a Scrapbookin' Get-Together at my house on Thursday, April 13. My friend Angie Campbell, a Creative Memories Consultant, is coming to my house to show us what is available through Creative Memories. Please bring 2-3 pictures of one person, or from one event. We will be putting together something you can put in your scrapbook. It will be lots of fun and I'd love for you to come. I will be sending out E-vites and a few snail-mail invitations so watch for yours in the mail next week. If you would like to be invited, please leave a comment. For those 3 regular readers I have, I've already got you on my list!


Beach Girl said...

I am so excited and looking forward to a night of fun!!!

Tasharoo said...

It's over a month away, but I wanted to give everyone plenty of notice to they can arrange their schedules. If I don't PLAN a day to scrapbook, or get excited about scrapbooking again, it will never happen. Life happens, not scrapbooking for me!

Beach Girl said...

Tash! I just looked at my schedule, I have Book Club that night! Booo. It is at my sister-in-law's, Vickie house, so I really shouldn't miss it. Sorry. I won't be able to come after all. :(

Tasharoo said...

Haley! That sucks! I'll get a catalog for you so you can see what they have. I need to start having crops again at my house so you can just have some time to work on your scrapbook... for me too!

What book is your group reading this month? Ours is A Prayer for Owen Meany... it's pretty good so far.

Beach Girl said...

OK! I can really come. I had my months confused!

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