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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More Anniversary Pics

Since the blog won't put these 2 pictures in with my 14th Anniversary post, I'm inserting them here: The great marble bathroom with Steam Bath/Shower, which was just to the left as you entered and the potty was at the end to the left. There was a makeup/vanity mirror with a light (you can see it on the counter) It made me laugh because it had 4 different light settings (home, day, night & office... like I'm going to lug that thing around to do my makeup)

Maybe the post can only be a certain length...oh, well, it's working now.

And here is the cowboy, many of you may remember, that use to be between the Stateline and Silversmith Casinos...he apparently has a name "Wendover Will" and he's way out at the west end, inviting you to West Wendover!

1 comment:

art history alli said...

Sounds like you had tons of fun... in Wendover! I bet we all could use a mini-break.

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