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Thursday, April 27, 2006

2 Sydneys?

One of my buddies got after me for my lack of a post after Alias returned a week ago...

I was pretty bored with the first episode and the second got better, especially the last 2 seconds when we got to see Vaughn. Ha! See! I KNEW he was alive...never even cried during his "death & funeral" I KNEW he'd return!

Sydney's Labor & Delivery...WHATEVER! We really must all try the office chair approach. Being a secret spy must be an epideral enough... did she even push? Or did Isabelle just fall out...and she didn't even cry, weren't they concerned? Oh! I get it, they were all trying to be quiet so they would be caught....yeah, that's it!

And quickly... What the crap was that last night? Anna has now been turned into Sydney? I missed the first 30 minutes, so someone please clue me in! Sydney mentioned that she hated lying to Will... something about Vaughn, so she knows he's a live? Do tell!

1 comment:

Beach Girl said...

I saw most of the episode. I am not sure really what is going on either.

I saw Anna spray Sydney with some red chemical and collect the liquid while they were on the train. Now Anna appears to be laying inside of the liquid changing into a new Sydney!

I thought it was to develop a cure for her sister, Nadia.

So is her mother really evil?

I just hope it ends with Sydney, Baby and Vaughn going off in the sunset as a hapy family!

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