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Monday, April 03, 2006


Wheat is for man. D&C 89:19
Chocolate is for woman. M&M 24:7

During Easter I LOVE Cadbury Creme Eggs (Dip in the goo to unleash your naughty, playful side!)...I must say that I have definitely had my share this Easter season...no more for me...and it's a good thing they are only around during Easter! I use to be a big semi-sweet chocolate fan but lately it's been all about the milk chocolate!

What is your favorite kind of chocolate?


chefleylesley said...

Milk Chocolate all the way!!

Beach Girl said...

Tash! I didn't know you were a Cadbury Cream Egg fan! I am too! It is my #1 favorite treat. I have a long love affair with them.

When I was little, the Easter Bunny would only bring me that candy. Later when I was in college I had mono. During the long weeks sick in bed I ate the creamy treats to help me feel better....and the surely did bring joy to my pathetic life at the time! On my mission, I begged my family to send me them in the mail! Each melted bite was a piece of heaven in hot, dusty, poor El Salvador.

I could eat one every day so it is a good thing that they only sell them this time of year. My favoirte is when the wraper comes off easy and the cream is supper runny. YUMMY!!!!!

Tasharoo said...

Oh Haley! You are may Cadbury Soulmate! I laughed so hard when you talked about the wrapper coming off easy... you truly do have a love for THE egg! I hate it when your hands get sticky (from peeling off the wrapper) BEFORE you break into the middle. I bite off the top and suck out as much of the middle as I feel like then I use my finger to scoop out the rest then enjoy the thick chocolate...my mouth is watering! I know I have had at least 10 so far (1-2 a day for a 4 day period) I'm trying to cut back! See you at the gym! Ha Ha! I have my one-hour time with the personal trainer Thursday morning @ 9am. Woo Hoo!

art history alli said...

I don't know about the creme egg, but I adore the Cadbury mini eggs. I probably get a mini package of mini eggs twice a week when they are available. It is fantastic, but no so good on the hips.
That is why you can only get them once a year. Maybe that is also why we pig out on Easter candy because it is always a novelty. It is a curse to love chocolate this much.
Speaking of chocolate, we looked at "Gnaw" in my contemporary art class. It is just a monolith of chocolate that has been carved by the artist using only her teeth. It really made my mouth water, but I was kind of grossed out at the same time.

Tasharoo said...


Could you get a copy of Gnaw... could we see it somehow? Do you think if I googled it, it would come up? Hopefully it was very good, high quality chocolate. I'm getting sick thinking of the really cheap Easter chocolate you can get... that stuff makes me sick!

Beach Girl said...

Tasha! I think I found the picture of Gnaw
See link:

Beach Girl said...

Tasha! I think I found the picture of Gnaw
See link:

Anonymous said...

Hi Mom!

What? No blog about your darling daughter's wedding!!!! HA HA HA!

How are you? You look great!!!!

Sandy Plummer!!!!

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