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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Race For The Cure

Parker and Tasha ran the 5K in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

On May 13, 2006 Parker and I ran the 5K. Erin, Annika, Thomas, Ella and Grandma Worthington walked the Mile Fun Run. This was our 2nd year participating. It gets very emotional for me when I run under the pink balloon arch and the music is blaring and there are thousands and thousands of people! It is sad and hard to believe that this many people have been touched by cancer in their lives. My Grandmother Opal Worthington and Grandmother Ginette Martino both lost their battle with breast cancer. My Aunt Kathy Wilson is currently battling the demon and coming out with flying colors! Her last CT Scan said NO lesions! This is truly a miracle!

I ran and walked and jogged, Parker ran most of the way! I didn't see him for over half the race and started to get worried about him. There are so many people I thought I would never find him again! Luckily, towards the end of the race he slowed down and was looking for me and we found each other. We also caught up with Erin and her kids.

Dex and John came down to support Parker and I and walked with us to the finish line.

This was really fun and is sure to be an annual event for us!

1 comment:

Beach Girl said...

I am so proud to be your sister-in-law! Thanks for being a great example to us!

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