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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

10 Years Younger?

Who knew that actually having hair could make me look so young? People just can't figure out why I look so different? Did you get your hair colored? Extensions? Are you having an affair? You are getting so thin! Are you still losing weight? I love just nodding yes! hee hee!
Well here I am with my new hair! I've always wanted more but didn't think I'd ever do it or be able to afford it. I tried Rogaine and joined the Hair Paulus Group, both losing hair again, after I stop using the product and it was expensive! The Bosley Company mainly does hair transplants. I had a consultation, and was quite impressed with how nice they were, but was told that I basically don't have a enough hair for a transplant. If they did one they would only be able to do a patch across the front where my bang are... I'd still be mainly bald everywhere else.

Waldean & Elaine approached me a couple of months ago and mentioned that they would like to help me out in my lack of hair situation.

I so appreciate them for bringing up the subject! I'm falling in love with my new hair! It's weird to be able to put on my make up again and throw on my hair and run out the door. It has been something to get use to but everyone I talk to says it looks so natural. I've gotten tons of comments... all good. Now I need to get use to just saying thank you and not feeling like I have to tell them it's a wig!


Steve said...

WOW! You look great! The weight, the hair... Congrats. You are better looking than when you were in HS (maybe we are all just getting older and the "mature" look is hot!)... Keep it up!

Ang said...

LOVE it! It totally looks natural!!! You look great Tash!

Tasharoo said...

Thanks Steve! It's great to hear from you!

For those of you that don't know Steve he was my First-Ever Boyfriend! Yes, we still talk and are still friends! Love you!

Tasharoo said...

Ang! Thanks lover!

Angie & I became best buds through Creative Memories. We share some pretty crazy memories from St. Paul Minnesota! What a blast!

Beach Girl said...

I love your hair! It makes your eyes P O P with color! You look georgeous.... no thought of a wig... my only thoughts are: "wow, Tasha looks soooooooooo great!"

Sherry said...

Hey you, I wouldn't recognize you anymore. You look absolutely beautiful. Don't tell anyone it's a wig, it looks wonderful. I am so happy for you, you have come so far. Keep up the good work. You have an absolutely beautiful family.

Love ya

Sherry Harris

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