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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Fish Biscuits & Strawberries

Mmm...Mmm.... Good! What a combo! That was a pretty sexy-long-awaited kiss!

I was rather pleased with this episode. I don't care if we didn't find out too much more about the others but Jin & Sun's story... did you get goosebumps like me when Jin unloaded and reloaded the gun like an expert? Whew! That was cool!

Do you think that Jai? (Sun's lover) really jumped? Okay, maybe he did. But I first thought that maybe Sun's Dad didn't think that Jin would follow through and had some back up. I thought Sun was going to come close at the end of the episode and tell Jin the truth. I'm glad Sun got off the boat.

Patience...patience... that's all it takes...says Ben Linus....FREAK! Why has he been on the island all his life? What's up with Juliette...does she really have a good heart or not?

These few people that come up secretly to Kate and Sawyer and ask questions who are they? Do you think they are plants? Or Other Others? Could there be a whole other group that has escaped from the original others and they are roaming the island?

When will we hear something from that Antarctic group... the ones in the wintery station waiting for something to happen that answer to Desmond's girlfriend? Hmmmm? Did you remember about them?

I record the show but watched the first 30 minutes and then hung out with the kids and then watched The Nine and then watched the end of Lost. It was very nice to fast forward through the commercials (last week was ridiculous with all the dang commercials!) My sis watches it on TiVo so she doesn't have to deal with the advertisements...LUCKY!

The best part was the previews for next week! Hurley, Locke, Desmond and Echo! Yahoo! I can't wait! Can't wait to hear from you!

Heroes~LOVIN' IT! I yelled after the show ended on Monday..."I can't wait a whole week!"
The Nine~Likin' it... I can't believe what the Doctor did at the end...He's LOST it!
Studio 60~I think I'm giving up on it. I recorded it but didn't watch it.
30 Rock~was pretty funny! I think I'll give it a chance. I don't think there was anything else on that I wanted to watch so that might work, but I noticed that DAYBREAK will be starting on Wednesdays soon. I watched the preview for that at abc.com and thought it looked pretty interesting.

It's getting late and I'm hopefully flying off to Palm Springs tomorrow... so Nighty Nite!

1 comment:

Ang said...

Funny! I didn't like 30 ROck at all but I think Studio 60 is one of the best things to happen to the t.v. lineup :)

I liked this week's Lost much better than last week. And I'm not whining about the questions/lack of answers either. I'm just sitting back to enjoy the ride :)

That chick that came and talked to Kate from the bushes was the same girl that helped Claire out when she was pregnant and being held in one of the hatches. I think we learned back then that she may have been Rousseau's daughter :) Not sure, but I think that's how I remember it. No idea about the other guy in the cage that she was asking about though.

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