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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Save the Cheerleader...Save the World!

Save the cheerleader...Save the World. Have you heard this saying? Matt Lauer is sick of it...I think it is hilarious! I always wanted to be a cheerleader!

Here's an overview of my shows, my activities and my new wig...that I absolutely LOVE!

The wig is longer and thinner and really looks great! It's brown with some lighter highlights. It is really close to the color of my own hair. I get lots of compliments on it.

I'm really loving Lost but freaked out that this week is their FALL SEASON FINALE???! What I had to replay and rewind that last week...did I read that right? What the heck!??? I think after this week's episode I'll need a break. Can Juliette be trusted? (It was hard to see her being sweet and pregnant in Santa Clause 3 that we saw at the theatre last Saturday. Whoa! I just watched the sneak peek! Check it out! The others get Kate to ask Jack to do the surgery! And what about Echo? Dead? We didn't even get to find out why he was on the plane? What is teh deal with the evil looking dark cloud that he sees? Hmmmm? I heard that he was a beast on the set so they got rid of him.

I was getting bored with Desperate Housewives but Sunday's episode (Nov 5) was the best one ever...I even cried. If you missed it you can watch the entire episode free at the ABC website. This is definitely one you don't want to miss...I think awards will come from this episode!

Heroes, Heroes, Heroes. If you haven't watched this show or have missed an episode, try the NBC website. This is definitely a show you want to be addicted to. Everyweek I think...I can't wait another week to find out what happens!!!!! But I have to and then get involved in my other shows and life and then it is Monday night again...whew!

Can't wait for Medium to start again...looks like it will be on Wednesdays now. I was hoping it would stick with Mondays...after Heroes, but Studio 60 is on then and that is a pretty funny show. By the way, the Medium commercials scare Dexter! Well, the sound at the Medium website scares me! I have to turn it off now! Yikes!

My Lasik Eye Consultation is Wednesday, and the procedure is scheduled for November 29. I CANNOT wait to get rid of my glasses! John even admits now that my glasses look better on me without my hair, and since I really like my hair, I'm not liking my glasses!

Parker was a hippie and Dexter was a Dead Pirate for Halloween! It was a great Halloween. Parker had a party and it was so much fun! They played pin the wart on the witch, Murder in the Dark and other games. We also had homemade rootbeer floats! Yummy!


Ang said...

Tash I LOVE your new wig!!! It looks so natural and totally becomes you :) You look fab, as always!! Okay. The shows... hehehe. I totally dig Heroes!! Our stupid DVR keeps cutting off the last like 30 seconds though. Finally reset the timer on it so hopefully we'll catch that last dramatic moment next week hehee. Next week looks GOOOOOOD! Lost, of course, is completely intriguing and I find it totally satisfying. Even without any flippin' answers. But I am anxious to figure out the black-smoke "security system" thingamijig. And I'm reeeeeeeally desperate to see how the surgery thing plays out!!!! Ben completely creeps me out! I have loved every episode of Studio 60 until last night's. When the comics were sitting around the table reading through the sketch for the first time and were tossing the word "Jesus" around so flippantly, Willy just turned it off. I'd like to think it got better after that scene? We didn't finish watching it (which was really, really hard for me I'll admit and I haven't deleted it yet and may do some skipping forward and see if it gets better LOL) I don't watch Medium or DH so I can't comment, but I'm so glad there's someone out there with as much enthusiasm about some of my shows as I do hehehe. Good luck with your lasik consult!

Tasharoo said...

I had the TV on but was playing on my cell phone or something, cause I don't remember "seeing" the sketch, I did hear some of it though. If you can get over the Jesus sketch, you will love the episode... it was very funny. It focused on how Tom ended up in the Pahrup Nevada Police Department. John Goodman was hilarious.

Ang said...

Oh c'mon Tash!!! You've got nothing to say about the "fall season finale"?!?!?!?

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