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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

More shows...fallen into the "Fall Season Premiere"

This is a quickie. Typed fast and late at night, and I'm sure full of errors. Quick questions, feel free to answer them and add your own! Join my little discussion....please! I think this Fall Season Premiere thing is growing on me. I like the idea that I'm not going to be glued to my VCR/TV to watch my shows this Holiday season.

Oh boy! Heroes was awesome! I almost started to cry when they were all together in Peter's dream and then Peter blows up! Claire broke my heart, I just love her, she's such a cutie! Can you believe her Dad had the Haitian erase Zack's and Leon's memories...of course you can! That was too cool of the Haitian not to erase hers. Does that mean she is going to understand that her Dad might be a little naughty and not trust him? Well, she shouldn't trust him!

I think one of my favorite scenes this episode was when Peter was being questioned by the police people and the 2 could hear each other's thoughts. I also loved that 2 Heroes (Claire and Peter) were able to "talk". I hope they get to do that again soon! I was nice seeing them connect with another Hero.

So do you think Peter is going to explode because he is around so many Heroes and his body can't take ALL the super powers? He really wasn't looking so good. Do you think he is getting a superhero virus...or maybe just the stomach flu?

Oh my gosh! And can you believe Eden??? I screamed and my hand flew over my mouth and my eyes were buldging! I wish she would have just shot Sylar, but she didn't know if he would be able to just live through the shot, or rejuvinate himself after a gunshot. She probably did the right thing by killing herself so that he wouldn't have her power! How did Claire's Dad meet her? What made him decide to keep her and the Haitian around?

I hope Nikki can stay strong enough to overcome Jessica! I wonder when Mica will let his parents know that he has powers. I saw a bullet pass through Nikki's hubby...so why is his shoulder messed up? How come he's bleeding?

I-sock! Isaac can paint WITHOUT being high! Yahoo! That is awesome! And his latest painting????

Hiro, Hiro, Hiro! I just love Hiro! He is just so dang cute! Do did he lose his powers? or is he just afraid to try again? Yep, He better find that sword...and quick!

STUDIO 60- Okay, that is just too cute with Danny and....I don't remember her name...the character that Amanda Peete plays. Everyone is just falling in love and it's just so cute. This last episode left me with a smile on my face!


Ang said...

My comment might be as long as your post. Consider yourself warned LOL :P

First of all, I'm pretty sure you meant "Fall Season Finale?" Hahahahah!!! And I'm kind of digging the concept too. I'd MUCH rather have a 6 week hiatus and then come back to weekly episodes than have 2 new shows, then 2 weeks off, then 3 new shows then another few weeks off. That drives me NUTS. I don't mind breaking the season in half with a holiday break :)

Heroes WAS awesome!! I loved every minute of it. I'm baffled by some of the same things you are (what does the Haitian have planned? What is with Peter being so sick? Why didn't Eden at least try to off Sylar? How did she and Daddy meet? Why is DL's arm hurt but not his head??) But I really liked all the story lines and stuff this week a lot!

I'm really interested in what happens with Nikki/Jess next, since Nikki appears to be confessing Jessica's crimes and getting herself locked up so she/Jessica can't hurt anyone else.

I think Claire's dad probably has the Haitian hero and had Eden with him because their powers were the most advantageous for him. He had Eden to persuade people into doing whatever he wanted and he has the Haitian to erase peoples' memories of whatever he needed erased. Creepy.

Did you notice this week how hot Mr. I-sock is?? Yum yum.

Okay and what's with the dino painting???????

Studio 60 was great this week!!! I loved the To Catch a Predator sketch. I was laughing SO hard. I loved the Matthew kissed Harriet. I love that Danny has fallen for Jordan. I love that Jordan was stuffing her face the whole episode hehehe. I LOVE that the writers are writing her real life pregnancy into the show instead of firing her or trying to cover her belly (remember when Daphne on Frasier just got fat for a season? That was the DUMBEST bit of writing EVER!) So yeah, I thought Studio 60 was great this week too :) Do you love Matthew Perry's character as much as me?? I just adore him!

Ah. Felt good to talk t.v. Thanks for the forum :)

Beach Girl said...

I would love to comment, however, I have never watched either of these shows! Sorry

Tasharoo said...

Let me tell you, YOU ARE MISSING OUT! They are great!

I hope Jordan goes for Danny, they'd be fun together. Danny has been so cute about the baby! I loved when Harriet "tried" to do the news after Matthew hit her with a big fat slobbery kiss and she said, "I'm Matt...Harriet!"

Both Matthew and Hiro leave with that...aaaaah! they are so cute feeling and with a happy lil' smile on my face!

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