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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Fall Season Finale...What the CRAP???

Okay, I'm dealing with the "Fall Season Finale" of Lost. I have to admit that I rewound the tape 3 times to make sure that is really what it said...Lost was having a Season Finale. John and Heather had to tell me that it was just for Fall. Then during the finale they said that Lost would return in 16 weeks... that sounds like FOREVER!

It was a great finale. Kate and Sawyer doin' the deed (I thought she would hold out for Jack, but someone needed some action) We haven't seen any kind of that on the island and they have been there for over 70+ days! Well, Sun is pregnant, but did she get pregnant from her lover before the crash...DUM DUM DUM (dramatic sound, implying mystery).

It was just like Jack to do something on his own terms. I didn't think he would kill him, but knew he would do something...too bad he doesn't know they are on a different island. Oh the dilemma of Kate and Sawyer...what to do, what to do! I'm intrigued and can't wait for 15 1/2 weeks... but I will... just like the rest of us. They will be giving sneak previews of LOST during Daybreak, so stay tuned!

I'm actually coming to terms with this because I want to watch Day Break, which I'm sure will be on during the same time Lost was... and my beloved Medium is changing to Wednesdays... so that will be great! Whew! I think things will work out.

So during the next "lost without Lost"weeks, you can research the show by checking out all the Lost Connections!

This year's line up has been pretty good, I haven't had to set 2 VCR's at one time! That's a relief!

How's the saving of the cheerleader going? I think I'm going to change the message on my phone to that! You'll have to call me!


Ang said...

I really liked the "finale" too. I hate that there's a big ol' break before new episodes again, but I'm dealing with it. *sniff sniff*.

What did you think of Heroes this week?!? Holy moly. That show is intense. I haven't decided yet if Mr. Claire's Dad is good or bad. It's making me nuts. I've read some theories but I don't know which one(s) I buy into. Guess we'll see :) And where the crap is Hiro?!?!?

Tasharoo said...

I'm starting to think Mr. Bennett isn't so bad. Maybe he is erasing "heroes" memories so they don't have to deal with being a hero... but if this is true why doesn't he just do that to his daughter? I just don't know about him!

I'm so glad that Hiro is going back to save that waitress. Of course, you just fall in love with her and they Cyler cuts her brain out... did you hear the sound effect right before the blood started running down her face... eweewe!

Hiro is awesome, I just love his character and think he will be the REAL hero of the entire show! They didn't show the Petrelli's on the last show did they? I wish the police guy would just tell his wife he KNOWS!!... and how!!!

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