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Friday, March 20, 2009

Twilight Movie Release!

Parker and Heather and I just got back from Dan's with our copies of the Twilight Movie. Parker saw the movie with his friends 2 weeks ago and came home and started reading Twilight immediately! This is his 1st ever novel-sized book. He read the whole thing in 10 days... this is a miracle! Thank you Stephenie Meyer for making my son WANT to read!

When we pulled up to Dan's at 11:00 pm the parking lot wasn't full and the lights were mostly out in the store! We walked in and they had a big movie screen from the ceiling and people were sitting in the aisles watching the movie! There were 3 sets of balloon bags tied to the ceiling. Around 11:30 they let the balloons drop and there was a mad dash to grab a balloon and see if you won something! Woo Hoo! I won a free paperback copy of Twilight and Parker won $1 off the DVD...so it was only $14.99!

We had a blast...as you can tell!

This is what Parker REALLY wanted to win... so we had to do the next best thing, take a picture with Bella. He looks just as nervous as he would if she was REAL!

Heather LOVES her some VAMP!
Mmmmmmm! She wasn't even cold! He just made her HOT HOT HOT!!!

Parker said He'd kill me if I put this picture up on Facebook...so I put it in my blog! hee hee! (Heather was still a little excited over getting to see and touch a cardboard Edward!)
We are such DORKS... especially Heather, I don't think she realized she was showing the BACK of the DVD!
We saw the Brady's and Fairbank's from our neighborhood. What a fun night! After we took the nasty black licorice off our front teeth (I'm not a fan of Black Licorice) Heather was laughing super hard cause our teeth were green! DORK!


Angie & Willy said...

The pic of Parker and Bella is just killing me! So dang cute. (He's so grown up!!!!)

You and Heather are BOTH dorks :)

suz said...

You guys are so fun! I think it's cute that Parker got into Twilight!

x--ThE tWiliGHt GiRl said...

Hey, I just started a twilight saga blogg, come check it out :) and im a Team Jacob, in the new trailer he is sooo hot <3_<3

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