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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fool's Day!

Besides Mother Nature's cruel joke of pelting us with snow this morning, April Fool's Day 2009 hasn't been so bad!

I paid cash for my groceries at Ream's today and the cute cashier tried to tell me they weren't giving change back to the customers anymore and that they would be donating the money to charity. I didn't believe her for a second because she tried to tell the customer in front of me that Ream's no longer accepts personal checks...the lady about had a heart attack.

Here's what I served for dinner: Fish Sticks & Peas

and for dessert: Chocolate cake with
vanilla frosting!

The "fish sticks" were chocolate covered wafer cookies. I spread peanut butter on the outside and then rolled them in crushed graham crackers. For my NON-PB kid, I used honey. The "green peas" were Watermelon Airheads ~ Put in the microwave for 10 seconds, cut with scissors and then roll in to peas. The "Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Frosting" was meatloaf cooked in cake pans and then "frosted" with Mashed Potatoes. I made the cake last year and it was a HIT again!

John reminded me that I forgot to make the drink...and Parker said, "Oh! Yea! The Jello....that was a year ago? that seemed like just yesterday!" Last year I put orange jello in tall drinking glasses with a straw and let it set up.


temaire said...

Very fun and clever ideas. I need to get more in to it! The most I did was forget the Tooth Fairy! Slacker! You totally put me to shame! :)

The Sweet Escape said...

That is great! I love the dinner!! And what is up with Reams? I think they are just dying to go out of business. (or perhaps, maybe that's what the extra change is going to?)

penb said...

Too funny!! I will have to remember this for next year.

Angie & Willy said...

I'm so impressed! How fun!

I love that the gal at Ream's was having some fun with her job :) Even if you didn't fall for it hehehe.

Have I ever told you how much I HATE when people force their music on me when I go to their blog.... EXCEPT when I come to yours! Your music always makes me smile. Today I'm being treated to "Shout" by Tears for Fears. Ahhhh flashback!

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