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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Getting Ready For Easter

The boys and their friends uncovered this gem last night, it was taken 11 years ago!

The boys together again...I really wanted them to do the same pose, but I thought just having them sit next to each other was "pushing it"!

We've been getting ready for Easter at our house.

I don't know if it is European or what (I was born in Germany) but I grew up always having an Easter Egg Tree. I love them and had to stop myself from buying more little ornaments this year. One of Parker's friends asked me what that was because he has never seen or heard of that before...then I he realized... "You have two???!!??" YEP!

My flowers have really "weathered" the last 5 snowstorms really well! It is suppose to get up to 60 degrees this week, but stormy a few times, and most likely to storm on my birthday on Wednesday.

For years, my sister Erin and her family have painted wooden eggs for Easter. We painted our first in 2004. We started back up the tradition. This year, on General Conference Sunday, we had the Carson's over for cinnamon rolls, painted eggs, ate lunch and watched Madagascar 2. Kevin, Layla and Grandma Worthington came over too! We all had a great time!

This is the the eggs start out like...
Wooden Egg

Skier Egg

Cracked Egg

Pineapple Egg

Ant Farm Egg

Quilt Egg

Glitter Eggs


suz said...

You really go all out for Easter! I love your decorations. Your boys have just gotten taller, they look exactly the same! How cute!

Anonymous said...

How much are they selling the pineapple egg for?

Tasharoo said...

You can't sell memories, Hiroko! Howya doin? Back to reality? and this rainy weather? Guess what... it still SUCKS!!! Reality, that is.

temaire said...

It is amazing. Your boys look exactly the same...older and yet the same!

I love the eggs! Very cool...plus, I like the egg tree. I have thought about getting one for Halloween.

Beach Girl said...

Thanks for a great post Easter Dinner/ Birthday party! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

angela said...

My kids would love your house. They always ask me why we don't have any decorations for other holidays besides Christmas! I need to be better. I love the idea of painting wooden eggs..that would be fun.

Angie & Willy said...

It's amazing how much your boys still look like their itty bitty selves from long ago! 100% recognizable from their baby pics :)

Easter looks fun at your house! I love the pineapple egg :)

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