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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

An Easter Story by Dex

The Easter Bunny and his army of ducks, rabbits and chocolate bunnies were marching to Santa's castle because the Easter Bunny was going to overthrow Santa Claus and make two Easters!

Little did the Easter Bunny know, Santa Claus was vacationing in the Amazons.

When the Easter Bunny got to Santa's castle, he destroyed the castle, only to find 50 elves had stayed behind. The elves flew off on the reindeer. In the rubble of Santa's castle, the Easter Bunny found a note saying: "I'll be back in September! P.S. I'm in the Amazons!"

So, the Easter Bunny went to the Amazons, only to be met by the harsh traps and attacks from the natives, elves and creatures. 500 Chocolate bunnies went in... Zero came out.

Seeing he was outnumbered, the Easter Bunny surrendered.

The End

This story came along with illustrations.... This was a keeper!!!
What a boy I have!!!
Watch out Steven Spielberg!

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