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Monday, May 11, 2009

Old Mother on Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I just wanted to write down this quick little memory.

In Sacrament Meeting, each Mother's Day, the Primary Children sing songs to their Mother's. In 2007, Parker turned 12, but not until the end of May (after Mother's Day), which meant, he was still in Primary and GOING to sing to me. Parker HATES to sing! Right after the sacrament, Parker headed to the bathroom and didn't come back until AFTER the singing... that was SO Parker!

So this year, I pleaded with Dexter with my puppy dog eyes to sing to me for the last time, and how his brother had broken my heart and I'll remember it until the day I die....

Dex went up on the stand, sang to me, made eye contact, smiled and even pointed at me when they sang "That's my Mother!"
BTW, one of my favorite lines is "Baking Bread All Day Long, Could be someone else's Mom" (Yes, in my case!) I wish I would have stashed my camera and recorded it!

That was my last Mother's Day Program from my Primary aged son! *tear*tear*sigh* My kids are growing up!

Here's another little Ditty from Dexter...
Last week during Testimony Meeting, Bro. Jim Woodward was bearing his testimony. He is a grandfather now and watching several of their grandkids while the parents are out of town.

He said, "I am remembering raising my own kids and would like to honor all you young mother's out there."

Dexter leans over and says, "He's not talking about you Mom, cause you're old."

Later, as the same man was finishing up, he said, "So again I would like to honor all the Mother's young and OLD..."

Dexter pokes me. Gives me the look like, "did you hear that?" "NOW, he's honoring you!"

I still love him.

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