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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Brace Face No MORE

Parker got his braces OFF today!!! Woo Hoo! He was sooooo excited. He was very careful for the last week to not eat things he wasn't suppose to (never stopped him before) but he did not want to prolong their removal by popping off a bracket...AGAIN!
The appointment was schedule for 8:30 am and Parker was ready to go by 8:15 (it only takes 5 minutes to get there, so I made him wait a little longer).

June 2008-Before Braces


September 2009 Last few minutes of Braces

Allllll Gone! It was weird seeing his white teeth down the hall, while I was in the waiting room!

Dr. Spurrier gives the kids a bag of candy after they get their braces off. Parker almost had the entire bag finished off before we left the parking lot! He enjoyed a KitKat first...them some tootsie rolls (bracket popper-offers..we know first hand!)

The next day we went back to get Parker's retainer.

This is Dr. Spurrier...he's SO nice!


Dr. Lordeslupe said...

How come you didnt get a picture of the EXTREMELY attractive office manager? We are so proud of our little parker. See ya tomorrow!!!!

Tasharoo said...

YOU asked for it... see YOU tomorrow!!

temaire said...

Yay!!!! I think that the orthodontist should be paying you advertisment fees! lol

Anonymous said...

YAHOO! What a great day for him!! And I agree with Temaire, you should definitely be compensated for your marketing.

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