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Saturday, October 30, 2010

My 2 Most Exciting Halloween Treats!

I'm as happy as a witch on Halloween after she's found her final ingredient for her witch's brew! My gravestones turned out perfect! I LOVE THEM!!!

The Beach's are related to Lydia Gilbert. She was tried and convicted for witchcraft and sentenced to death by hanging. She disappeared shortly after her trial. So there is no record of her death. Her husband moved away also. It is thought that Lydia met up with him later but nobody knows for sure.

I have broken a Halloween commandment. I coveted my neighbor's halloween decoration. Last week I was driving past the Dimond's house and this fantastic chomping skeleton was illuminated and actually moving (chomping) in their front window. I was intrigued and thought, I'll have to ask them about that later. As luck would have it, I was helping out another friend and needed to pick up something from the Dimond's, so I asked and complimented them on their awesome decor! (They has gravestones too!) They told me they found this skeleton at Disney the last time they were there. It's a necklace and people were wearing them around their necks. COOL! So I went on my merry way, thinking I would never have one of my very own. The next day I dropped off my sister, Erin, and niece, Annika, at the airport. They were going to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios... only in Orlando Florida. Erin and Annika say that the frozen butter beer is the best thing they have ever tasted. The Wizarding World was totally awesome!

I called Erin when she was in Florida to see how it was going, she said that her husband, Nat, was still in his conference so she and Annika were going to go to Disney World by themselves first. Still not thinking, I wished her well and ended the phone call. HOLY COW!!! Disney = Super Cool Halloween Decoration... so THEN I texted her and asked if she happened to see one, please bring me home one of the super cool decorations. Erin didn't mention anything about it the rest of the trip and Monday night I went to pick them up from the airport. On the way home, she started unwrapping something and guess what it was!?? My Halloween is complete!! The pictures don't do it justice, but the skeleton "chomps" his jaw up and down.

Look at those spooky glowing green eyes in the bottom of the window... NOT a halloween decoration, just Buddy wondering what the heck is going on outside.

1 comment:

temaire said...

I LOVE the dog's eyes! lol

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