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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Heathens that we are....

We did make it on time for our 9 am Church Meetings early Easter Sunday morning. I think subconsciously we were trying to be good, because deep down we are such Heathens...we had made reservations for Easter Dinner, at a restaurant, on the Sabbath! We went to Black Angus for their Easter Honey Baked Ham Dinner, but only John and Grandma Beach ordered the ham. I ordered Salmon, Dex-chicken and Parker, you guessed it, Steak!

Dexter and I searched for the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid (Parker wanted none of that business!). I remember growing up, the oldes of 5 kids, and each Easter we would take turns hiding the eggs for each other. Parker didn't want to play, so Dex and I hid them for our next door neighbor kids.

At 6pm we went to Haley & Steve's for dessert. I had made an Apple Crisp dessert for a funeral the day before that we didn't use, so I baked that up and Haley had ice cream for us.

Erin & Nat called and said they would be out for a visit around 7:30pm so we headed home and saw them for a bit. Then the Carson's took both Parker and Dexter home to their house for a sleep over...leaving John and I allllll alone. Now this was cool for 2 reasons: #1- Break for the boys & #2- The next day was our 16th Wedding Anniversary! Woo Hoo! 16 years?? That IS a LONG time!

I've been

Happily Married
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for 16 years!!

So what is a couple to do with a night without kids? Go see a movie!? Right!? That's what we did! We went to see Vantage Point. The movie started at 10pm and we got there at 10 pm. I ran to the bathroom and John ran to get us some seats. I finished my business and then walked into the theater. I could hear that the previews had already started. I peeked around the corner, expecting to see people all over and have a hard time trying to find John but I spotted him immediately, right in the very center of the theater in the middle seat. What great seats!!! John waved his arms and said, "Honey, can you see me? Here I am!" John being so loud was just fine, because we were the ONLY ONES in the entire room! It was great! We took our shoes off and kicked back and were totally relaxed! How romantic...John rented out the whole theater just for us! Just Kidding, it was a Sunday night and Easter, so it really wasn't a busy evening, but I would suggest it to anyone, it was fun! The show was really good and it was cool because I could talk to John and make comments about the movie without worrying if I was bothering anyone else! (I hate movie-talkers & texters!)

I hope you had a great & Happy Easter! Only click on the Easter link if you are familar with Happy Tree Friends. It may be a bit graphic and offensive to some, but the boys and I just laugh and laugh and scream GROSS!


Anonymous said...

Happy #16!! Wow! You guys are amazing! Glad you had a fun filled Easter Day...and night without the kids - so lucky!

vickiemariko said...

Hi Tasha! Happy 16th that's awesome. I want to see Vantage Point it looks good :)
Love all you fun music!

Beach Girl said...

Sound like so much FUN! Did you go the Holladay Movies? We love going there. It is never crowded.

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