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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Time for a Visit to the Doctor

I figured Dexter's illness was "just" the flu. I know there is nothing the doctor would do except take my co-pay and send me back out the door with instructions of plenty of liquids and tylenol and hand washing, so (man this sentence is getting long!) sooooo, we dug in for a few days of the flu.

Dexter's fever went away but then he was really complaining that his ears hurt. This morning he woke up crying because they hurt so bad. He said it felt better to keep his hands over his ears. So I called the doc and they got us right in at 9:40 a.m.

Double ear infection. Poor Dexter! I've had an ear infection as an adult and it was not pretty! UGH! I understand why babies cry so bad and are so miserable when they have ear infections. Their ears hurt and want it to stop so they cry and cry hoping that their Mom will figure something out...I wanted to just jam something in my ear to relieve the pressure, only I knew that could turn out badly.

ANYWAAAAYY!!! Dr. Baar (filling in for Dr. Bancroft) gave Dex some yummy pink antibotic and some numbing ear drops. He is doing A LOT better! Whew!

It's my big TiVo night. I only have 2 tuners so I don't get to TiVo the results show from American Idol. I can't stand that they moved LOST to Thursdays...I know they did that on purpose to interfere with Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice, The Office, etc. etc. What's a girl to do? Give up a show or two? NEVER!!! I'll figure out something.


Anonymous said...

Poor thing! Ear aches are the absolute worst!! I have a DVR here - come camp out to watch American Idol anytime!!

Angie & Willy said...

Is Dex as good as new now?

Have fun watching AI tonight :) Do you watch Biggest Loser too? I was so peeved that we didn't get to see who was eliminated last week. Blah!

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