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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Does Life Ever Slow Down?

Geez! Where has the time gone? The last two weeks have a been a blur with Dex's ear infections (meds twice a day going on 20 days now), my bosses daughters wedding (I helped out with the name cards & flowers it was gorgeous! Ann Bowen is an artist, not just the "woman who did the flowers" (I'll post some pics), a funeral in our ward that I helped out with, Easter, working at the Perfect Dress, MaggieGownsOnline.com and Garden of Elegance, John going to school, the boys in scouts, Ward Lip Sync, Lia Sophia parties, book club (I actually read the book this month!), researching used cars, buying a used car (Hyuandai Sonata), 16 yr anniversary... blah blah blah! Aaagh! Oh! and we just got the results from John's sleep study... he only stopped breathing 121 times that night! yes, they have ordered a C-Pap machine for him and he is going in tonight for an overnight sleep study.... 2 Boys and a husband are enough for me to handle. P.S. It is freakin' snowing right now!!! Where is my spring!!!????

This is the Head Table. Ann taught us how to make the lampshades out of rose petals and orchids...isn't it stunning? She is sooooo creative. I stand in awe of Ann Bowen!

Okay, this was the coolest, EVER! These were on the throw bouquet! When Alex threw the bouquet it split into five different bouquets so five girls got the delight of catching flowers! Each one had a message and ring attached: "You will marry the boy next door, a millionaire, your prince charming, your best friend!"

1 comment:

Troy & Nicole said...

Sheesh! I thought things slowed down after the kids start school.

The wedding looks wonderful. As I see all the amazing wedding stuff these days, I wish I could go back and re-do some of my wedding stuff. Well, maybe when I have my 16th anniversary, we can have another wedding or something.

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