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Monday, July 21, 2008

California Adventure, continued...

I got a little distracted from Breaking Dawn, so here's some more of our Family Vacation. This was on the Canoes. Our guide asked us not to take pictures, just to keep rowing. This is her catching me...oops!
The Beach Boys outside Tarzan's Treehouse
This was the parade at California Adventure and it was AWESOME!! A lot of the characters and floats squirted water at the guests...it felt great!!! Here is one of the Toy Story themed floats
Tow-Mater from Cars!
Hey Buzz Lightyear!
Jack-Jack from The Incredibles!
Heimlich from A Bug's Life
Dex always is entertaining. This is Dex being "candid"
Rock Climbing in Bear Country. Parker made it to the finish again!
California Screamin' roller coaster...one of Dexter's favorite rides.
Dex enjoying the swings in the Big Orange
Toy Story Midway Mania...our favorite ride in California Adventure. It was more of a game than a ride. It was great! 3-D and kept your score! Check out the roller coaster doing the loop!
John and Tasha. Dex really wanted to take our picture.
Oh! Wait, this was my favorite part, but it was a show, not a ride. Crush was AWESOME!!! Don't miss it when you go. It is in CA Adventure, across from the Muppets 3-D. Crush is interactive and talks with the audience...TOTALLY AWESOME DUDE!

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