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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Huckleberry is our family's new favorite word.

This is what a huckleberry really looks like:

Last Saturday we went to Arctic Circle after the Osmond Reunion Concert and ordered some shakes.

While we were waiting, 2 elderly couples were sitting in the booth next to us. John swears he heard them say HUCKLEBERRY at least 10 times. They were talking about the Huckleberry Shake that Arctic Circle was advertising. So, John kept saying Huckleberry, Huckleberry, Huckleberry...and he wasn't being quiet about it either. It made Parker and Dexter and myself crack up. John started using it in a sentence and saying it over and over again. He wouldn't stop. We all started using it like it was a swear word. "Would you get your huckleberry hands off my shake?" "I'm gonna kick your huckleberry butt!" I find this word funny because I had never heard of a huckleberry berry before.

Then Dexter made up a song and sang it on the way home. "I'm just a huckleberry boy stuck in a huckleberry world..."

When ever I say Huckleberry it comes out in "Southern-talk" and I can't stop! It makes Parker smile, so I continue to do it and talk Southern for a while.

I asked Dexter if we could change his middle name to Huckleberry, he said he wants to change his first name to Huckleberry. I said, "You can call me Huck or you can call me Berry, or you can jus' call me Huckleberry!" Huckleberry Beach has such a nice ring to it! (It's much funnier when you southern-style the whole thang!...Stephanie would understaaaaand! You have to drawl out your long vowels...once you start you cain't stop!)

Since we aren't having anymore kids, we decided to just name our next dog, Huckleberry. We aren't getting another dog until one kicks the bucket though which hopefully won't be for a long time.

So today I took the boys to Arctic Circle for lunch...and we got a huckleberry shake. Dexter and I liked it. It was pretty good, a flavor I can't explain. Dexter calls it a shake with 5 different berry flavors...and grape flavor. The only thing I didn't like is the big pieces of huckleberry skin in the shake, but I chewed it up and swallowed anyway.

I didn't realize there were so many huckleberry things!

P.S. If we would have had one more baby and it would have been a girl we were going to name her Malibu Barbara Beach....and call her Malibu Barbie!...I often wonder if that is why we didn't have anymore kids?


Eddie N Sandy Plummer said...

Huckleberry! You got to go to the CONCERT!!! I would've given all the HUCKLEBERRIES in the world to have been there! Oh Huckelberry!
I like the whole renaming Parker to Huckleberry!
Now you need to sing Moon River!!!
My huckelberry friend!

suz said...

Thanks for giving me a good laugh today!

Nicole said...

This may seem random, but my grandma had huckleberry bushes in her yard in Washington when I was a little girl. That first picture makes them look purpler than they really are, they are really more of a violet-pink. They are good, but really small, so you have to pick forever to get any kind of quantity. Ahhh, this brings me back to my youth...

See you at book club tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

You are TOO funny. And what a great word! I think I'm going to steal that one!

penb said...

Oh Huckleberry memories!!! THANKS! Now I want Grandma Wold's huckleberry pie, pancakes, syrup, and jam. DAMN! My grandma lived in Idaho and would go up into the mountains and pick wild huckleberries all the time. She would make the BEST Huckleberry pie. She would have to make a few of them for Thanksgiving because everybody wanted that instead of pumpkin, also ala mode, YUMMY!!!!

angela said...

Tasha...you make me laugh. Just reading this one post brought back a lot of memories of college. You are awesome and the one that could make anyone smile. Thanks again for finding me!

Anonymous said...


Up here in Seattle, there's a restaurant called Huckleberry Square. It's been around for a long time and has some really awesome breakfasts! ;0) Jeanette

Dale said...

Huckleberries are real and very delicious. Go to Jackson, Wyoming or the Idaho side of the Tetons in late August and you can pick lots of huckleberries. They are lots of work to pick, but worth the effort.

The huckleberry shakes at Arctic Circle are not very good. You are right about the dead berry skin. Yuck. I hope you are able to taste real fresh huckleberries sometime in your life. Then you won't make fun of them.

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