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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Candlelight Christmas

Haley invited us all to enjoy the Candlelight Christmas at the This is the Place Heritage Park opening night on November 27. It was chilly but it was so much fun... pioneer living warmed our hearts! First a train ride to see Father Christmas...and the reindeer, but they weren't out...it was opening night so we decided to give them a break.

Beach Grandkids
Beach Boys
Hi John! (the flash is pretty bright when it is pitch black outside!)
Beach Girls bundled up!
Steven Beach Family
Aaron loves his Cuz'n Parker!

Throughout the park they had different areas where you could go inside the buildings and make some pioneer crafts. This stop...
Keegan made a Christmas Spider
Miss Ashley did too!
Dexter and Parker made a beeswax candle...
and a wooden ornament...
There was a live nativity...
complete with the stable animals...

The next craft stop we made candy cane ornaments...
and John was the master Danish Woven Heart Basket maker!
Elf Wonderland!
Aaron kept running under the ropes to play in the playhouses. In the summer these are open for the kids to play in.
The kids got to write a letter to Father Christmas and then they could burn it and the smoke would take their wishes to the North Pole. Parker and Dexter didn't want to write Father Christmas until they heard the word "FIRE"... "We get to BURN something?"... THEN they were up to the task!
Lucas's picture for Father Christmas
Dexter asked for his brother to be nice (nice request)
Parker just asked for his brother to disappear (naughty request)
BURN BABY BURN! Sending our wishes to the North Pole
Even Lesley sent a letter to Father Christmas asking for a boyfriend. We told her she better be specific... "a boyfriend that is marriage material, treats her like a queen, not gay and has a good job", then I reminded her she better put a time frame on this. So HOPEFULLY, if Lesley has been a VERY good girl this year and Father Christmas grants her wish, she'll have a FABULOUS boyfriend by next Thanksgiving!
I think Keegan was saluting his wishes off to Father Christmas and the fire was quite mesmerizing and warm!
By the end of the night Lucas was crying for Parker and Aaron was crying for Dexter to carry them on their shoulders... some wishes were granted immediately!
Happy Christmas to ALL!!!!

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