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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let's Give Thanks for...

All the Beach Family was together this year! Chris was home from the Army and the California Beach's made the trip up north and we had so much FUN!!! Dexter looked at me after a few mishaps (broken goblet and spilt gravy) and said, "Mom, this is the best Thanksgiving EVER!"

All 17 of us met at the John Beach Home! WE put 4 tables together and all sat at the same table. What a spread we had!!!
...and FOOD...

Everyone got to drink from a glass goblet... even the kiddies and they loved it!

...and DESSERT...
Haley made pumpkin, banana cream and chocolate cream pies. Kristen made a tangerine, cranberry cheesecake and Parker made a pumpkin roll. They were ALL DELICIOUS!!!!
Parker is becoming quite the baker! He actually made this pumpkin roll! Way to go Park and OH MY GOSH... I'm craving some right now! It was sooooo good and Grandma Beach's favorite! It was "almost" too pretty to eat.

Rex has a favorite Aunt... Auntie Kristen. Lucas and Keegan wanted in on the love... I think it might be time for a baby brother, or heaven forbid a SISTER!!!!
Aunt Kristen brought a Thanksgiving Bingo game... Reese's Pieces were the bingo chips. See! She is the best!
These were the only tears of the day! Rex was TRAPPED. He just wanted to get through that gate and go down the stairs.

Don't you think Lucas looks just like the old man, Carl Fredrickson, from Up-the movie? and Brillo looks a lot like the dog!

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