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Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm a Proud Mama!

Dexter's 4th Grade Science Fair Project
Boy or Girl? Feet are Feet!
Can you tell someone's sex by just looking at their feet?

Out of the whole 4th grade, Dexter won Best of Show! They gave out 2 ribbons per grade and Dexter won! There is a little more info on Dex's blog. John and I tell the boys, do good at the Science Fair, but not so good you have to go on to Regions...luckily they don't go on until 5th grade. Whew!!! (We are so bad!...I just don't want to do the extra work...one science fair a year is plenty!)

Thanks to all the relatives that were able to come out and see Dexter's project! Grandma Worthington, Grandma Beach, Aunt Erin, Aunt Haley & Cuz'ns Thomas, Ella & Aaron, that was so nice of you!


Beach Girl said...

Great job Dexter! Thank you for inviting us to come. It was neat to see his project and get to know Oakwood!

Tasharoo said...

Beach Woman~ Did you see you and Beach Boy in the last pic on this post?

shatowns said...

Great science project! My daughter loves the idea. Would you mind sharing what data he graphed? Thanks!

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