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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Thanks Haley!

Thanks to the Writer's Strike...and to Haley for getting me back "into" bloggin! There's not much TV, so what is a junkie to do? B L O G!!

Haley kept telling me that they added new features and that I really should "update" my blog. Well, I have and it has excited me to start it up again. I've added a poll and my favorite music and YouTube videos and my favorite line from a movie. Oh, there's just so much to do! I'm having fun and hope that you enjoy it too!

If you want to create your own playlist just click on the icon for it. It was really fun finding all the music and remembering songs from my past and looking to see if they had them...and they did! Check it out at Playlist.com. It is SUPER easy!!!

Parker has started his blog now too...Broncos RULE! He'd love to get some comments from you!....me too!


Beach Girl said...

Incredible Tasha! I love all the extras you added to your blog! I am so glad you're back!

Ang said...

YAY!! I'm so glad you're blogging again :) It makes me smile!

I answered "blogged" on your poll, but actually I've kinda been in Reality TV heaven during the strike. I desperately miss some of my favs (which are some of your favs hehehe) but I'm a reality t.v. junkie too, so I've been pretty satisfied with Biggest Loser and Amazing Race and Survivor. Now that American Idol and Big Brother are on, too, I'm actually in trouble with *too* much to watch on Tuesday nights. What's a junkie to do?!

Yay!! Tasha's blogging again!

Ang said...

Okay I've just kept your blog open for like an hour now enjoying your music as my background music LOL. We have SUCH similar taste!! And now Trisha Yearwood is playing and this is absolutely without question one of my favorite songs of ALL TIME! (And I'm so not a country music fan hehehe). Thanks for providing my desk music for the day :)

Tasharoo said...

Thanks! You'll have to make your own play list...you'll get addicted QUICK!! I'm sure you can add that to your Xanga blog, can't you?
My sis got me, more like made me, listen to Country in high school. Garth was Barf Brooks, Trisha Goodyear, Suzie Bogus. I had new names for all her favorites and made of new lyrics to country songs! But I did fall in Love with that same song as you...that's why I have it on my playlist!!!! Love ya!!!...even more!

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