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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beach Family Vacation June 2008

We had such a fun trip! It went by fast! We played hard and are completely exhausted! It's hard to get back to reality!

The plane trip was relaxing. Usually flying stand-by can be a real downer (as was the trip home) but it was a breeze and I was pleasantly surprised.

We stayed at the Portofino Inn and Suites, just 2 blocks away from Disney. We booked the Kids' Suite and it was totally awesome! A king size bed for me and the hubby, and a separate room with a bunk bed for the boys! At night we could just close the sliding doors and they could watch their own TV shows while John and I watched whatever we wanted! It was wonderful!

June 18 - Medieval Times
Our first night in California we went to Medieval Times. Our knight was the Blue Knight. He did really well and won a few of the events. We were served tomato bisque, garlic bread, roasted chicken, spare ribs and potatoes! We had to eat it all with our hands NO utensils and only one napkin! It was a challenge and was really fun!

The knights jousted and fought with swords and killed each other...it was great fun!Dexter is such a sport...he loved letting me take pictures. This pose was all Dexter's idea. This is how he wants to be buried, with his Blue Knight shield he bought from Medieval Times and the sword he bought from Disney!


Nicole said...

It's about time you posted something, Missy! I am glad to see all your fun vacation pictures. It makes me jealous. All we ever do for family vacations is visit my folks in AZ or go camping and dirtbiking (ugh!) Glad you all had a fun time!

Tasharoo said...

Nicole~ no worries, you aren't missing too much while your kiddies are still little. We went to Disney 9 years ago when Parker was 4 and Dexter was 2...what a bust, they were too little ride on anything and I didn't want to ride things by myself while John watched the boys. Don't do these kinds of things until you ALL can enjoy them. Legoland was AWESOME when the boys were small and they could ride everything...adults too!

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