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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Horrible Horrible Mother!

Don't ever ask me to rub sunscreen on your back. Our first day of vacation, we stopped at the beach and I squoze out some sunscreen and rubbed it on Parker's neck and shoulders. I got another load on my hands and started from his waist line and went up. I obviously got distracted and this is what happened...

John said, "Well, I guess sunscreen REALLY does work!"

Parker has the complexion of an albino. He does NOT tan, only BURNS.. FRIES, BURNING FLESH! His only color are all his freckles (thank you John!) The poor kid would burn during recess in elementary school, so we are very good about the sunscreen! I feel horrible! He was already peeling by the end of our vacation. I'm sorry Parker!

He did, however, have some fun in Grandpas' pool!

Here's another one of Parker's proud moments. Building a house out of drink coasters on the table at Chili's Restaurant.


suz said...

It looks like you had a wonderful trip despite the sunburn!

Tasharoo said...

I still need to post our Disney, California Adventure and Wild Animal Park pics! Since I really don't scrapbook anymore, I'm counting this!

mamaholstein said...

The least you could have done is made the burn in the shape of a P or something. ;) j/k I would love for all of you to get sunburned at my house!!

The Sweet Escape said...

Looks like a great vacation...okay...except for the partial sunburn. Is he going to do his summer vacation report on that one?

Jennie Stephens said...

I like Dex's face in the back ground of the chilis picture.. he looks oh so excited! hahaha

CubGO said...

poor parker! Looks like you had a GREAT time....

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