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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beaches at the Beach

That's alotta beaches! We stopped at different beaches on our travels down to San Diego and back. We visited Newport Beach, Oceanside and Long Beach.

Newport Beach

Long Beach
Some friends we made at the beach. They just live a few blocks away from here. The one that is standing is 14 years old today. I told them to enjoy this time at the beach because I know, being my age, I don't ever want that much sand touching my body EVER AGAIN!

I have memories of my Dad teaching me how to make drip castles on the beach, so I taught Parker and he had a blast...a little too much fun with the kelp & seaweed! Eeewww!

The aftermath of the sand fight!

I realized after seeing this picture that I don't like this new swim suit at all. That gold strip on the bottoms looks like my white belly...Gross! I hope I haven't burned your eyes out!

JUST KIDDING! Here I really am, walking past Dexter on the Beach!

1 comment:

Jennie Stephens said...

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA LOVE THE comment about the "real tasha" hey, you look better than THAT girl! haha! OH tasha, yuo crack me up!

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