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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Another Beach Boy!

John's Brother, Chris and his wife, Jessie had a baby boy in August...Rex Alan is his name! What a cutie!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving all the Beach's had a family picture taken at JayLynn Studios and then afterwards John blessed Rex at Waldean's home. It was another great Beach Occasion to get together and play some games!

I know this isn't a great picture of Jessie, but Rex looks so cute!

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving all the Beach's were in town, so we all got together for some games at Waldean's. Beach Games are serious business! According to Mike, and usually if he isn't winning, it's not considered "REGULATION". If something is turned wrong or you go out of turn, it is a "NON-REGULATION GAME" and therefore, does not count. This was Jessie's first time "playing as a Beach" so she was a little nervous and intimidated, but she held her own! Mike, Jessie and I won the first game of Sequence! We are so cool!

Here are a few words and phrases you can hear during EVERY Beach Game of Chicken Foot with Dominoes:
KRISTEN, did you pick the double zero AGAIN?

During Sequence (A card game with a game board):
"Now what do the Jacks do?"
"Did you take your card?"
"No Cabitzing!"
"What do the Jacks do again?"
"Did you take a card?"
"If I have a 2-Eyed Jack, I can do what again?"

We joked that we should just record us all playing one night and then just play the tape the next time we play again!

We all have a lot of fun and a lot of laughing!
Parker worked up an appetite and had some leftover turkey. There's the Sequence board and chips on the table in front of him.

The Cousins had a great time wrestlin' Parker and Dexter and horsing around!

Ashley LOVES Rex and wants a baby of her very own to be a Mommy to.

1 comment:

Beach Girl said...

What a great post about that night! We had forgotten how much fun game night at the Beach's can be. We need to do it more often.

BTW, What does a one eye'd jack mean?

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