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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas at Temple Square

The Beach's bundled up (well, I did, the boys still think it is warm outside!) and headed down to Temple Square to see the lights and try to encourage Parker & Dexter to have a little Christmas Cheer!As usual it was beautiful and unusually warm! (no snow)

17 Years Ago on Christmas Eve, John took me to Temple Square and proposed! (Try not to gag!) I had no idea and was totally surprised. He asked me at the Seagull Monument, which is currently drained and boarded up. So there really weren't any "photo ops" for that.

I love the hundreds of luminaries that line the COB walkways.

Parker jumped on John in the parking lot and had a little fun!
Then we headed to Chili's for some nurishment. I don't catch Parker off guard (of the camera) but I did tonight, so I had to post it!Dexter is ALWAYS happier with a full tummy!


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love getting candid shots of the kids (especially when they try to evade it!) I love Temple Square in the winter, too bad it's so cold, or else I would go more often! ;)

Kristin said...

Great pictures! We are headed down to Temple square and the Christmas concert tonight. Your boys are very handsome guys.

temaire said...

Ahhh!!!! I love the lights on Temple Square! I wish that I had done that this year! I agree with Dexter. Isn't everyone happy when they have food?!

Beach Girl said...

I love the how the lights! The first picture looks like a professional took it.

Angie & Willy said...

Such great pics! Looks like a fun time :) I miss Temple Square at Christmas.

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